Publications and Reports


Guide to Funding, Programs and Publications

Behavior Matters: How Research Improves Our Lives — Health (PDF, 1.5MB)

Behavior Matters: How Research Improves Our Lives — Psychology (PDF, 1.4MB) Also available in Spanish (PDF, 271KB)

Behavior Matters: Communication Research on Human Connections (PDF, 1.6MB)

Exploring Behavior: Bringing science to students in secondary schools — Outreach program to teach students about psychological research and career opportunities.

Faculty Salaries in Graduate Departments of Psychology — Presents data on salaries for faculty in graduate departments by type and level of department, as well as region of the United States. 

Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A New Research Tool (for adults) and Introducing Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging...An Exciting New Research Tool! (for teenagers). Booklets describing fMRI-based psychological research.

IRBs and psychological science: Ensuring a collaborative relationship — Authored by the BSA IRB Working Group.

Prepare Now to Prevail if Your Research is Attacked: Self-Defense for the Psychological Scientist — A pamphlet produced by the Science Government Relations Office. Email to request a free printed version.

Psychological Research Online: Opportunities and Challenges (PDF, 213KB) — A report from the BSA Advisory Group on the ethical and scientific issues of conducting research on the Internet. (An abridged version of this publication is available in the February/March 2004 edition of the American Psychologist)

Psychological Science Agenda — A free monthly e-newsletter highlighting current issues in psychological science.

Psychology and Global Climate Change: Addressing a Multi-faceted Phenomenon and Set of Challenges – Report of the American Psychological Association 2008-2009 Task Force on the Interface Between Psychology and Climate Change.

Psychology as a Core Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Discipline — Report of the American Psychological Association 2009 Presidential Task Force On the Future of Psychology as a STEM Discipline.

Report of the Task Force for Increasing the Number of Quantitative Psychologists — The Task Force addresses both the pipeline of qualified students and opportunities for training in quantitative psychology.

Society’s Grand Challenges, Insights from Psychological Science — A series of booklets that highlight the role of psychological science in the struggle to confront major societal challenges. Titles include: Global Climate Change, Health Disparities, and Prolonging Vitality

Statistical Methods in Psychology Journals: Guidelines and Explanations — The initial and final reports of the BSA Task Force on Statistical Inference (TFSI).

Research Ethics

The Role of Nonhuman Animal Research In Psychology — DVD and teachers study guide.

Ethical Principles of Psychologists and Code of Conduct

Ethics in Research with Human Subjects (2000). (Eds.) Bruce D. Sales and Susan Folkman. Copies are available for $19.95 to APA member/affiliate.

Guidelines for the Use of Animals in Behavioral Projects in Schools (K-12)

Guidelines for Ethical Conduct in the Care and Use of Animals. Developed by the APA Committee on Animal Research and Ethics (CARE).

Research with Animals in Psychology (PDF, 1MB)

Some Friendly Advice About Responding to Requests for Information and Records Pertaining to Animal Research (PDF, 37KB). Developed by the APA Committee on Animal Research and Ethics (CARE).

Testing and Assessment

Assessing Individuals with Disabilities in Educational, Employment, and Counseling Settings.  Developed by the Joint Committee on Testing Practices (JCTP). Provides guidance and assistance for testing persons with disabilities. Three sections include: 1) basic legal, policy, and psychometric issues; 2) necessary steps and considerations in the process of assessing individuals, and 3) the assessment of people in specific testing situations. Contact the APA Order Department at (800) 374-2721.

Code of Fair Testing Practices in Education — 2004 document developed by the Joint Committee on Testing Practices (JCTP).   
FAQ — Finding Information about Psychological Tests — Guidance in using available resources to find psychological tests.

Psychological Testing on the Internet: New Problems, Old Issues (PDF, 226KB) — A report from the Task Force on how the Internet influences psychological testing and assessment. (also published in American Psychologist, April 2004)

Questionnaires Used in the Prediction of Trustworthiness in Pre-Employment Selection Decisions: An APA Task Force Report. Developed by Division 14 (Society for Industrial Organizational Psychology) and Division 5 (Evaluation, Measurement, and Statistics). Contact the APA Science Directorate

Report of the Task Force on Test User Qualifications (PDF, 410KB): Practice and Science Directorates

Responsible Test Use: Case Studies for Assessing Human Behavior. Developed by the Joint Committee on Testing Practices (JCTP). Contact the APA Books Order Department at 1-800-374-2721.

Rights and Responsibilities of Test Takers: Guidelines and Expectations. Developed by the Joint Committee on Testing Practices (JCTP).

Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing (1999) Developed jointly by American Educational Research Association (AERA), American Psychological Association (APA), National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME). Copies are available for $35.95 to members of AERA, APA, or NCME and $49.95 to nonmembers.

Statement on the Disclosure of Test Data (PDF, 154KB). Developed by the Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment (CPTA).

Statement on Third Party Observers in Psychological Testing and Assessment: A Framework for Decision Making (PDF, 139KB).  Developed by the Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment.

Statement on the Use of Secure Psychological Tests in the Education of Graduate and Undergraduate Psychology Students. Developed by the Committee on Psychological Tests and Assessment (CPTA).

Test User Qualifications: A Data Based Approach to Promoting Good Test Use. Developed by the Joint Committee on Testing Practices (JCTP). Contact the APA Science Directorate.

Testing Information Clearinghouse. Assessment related references for women, people with disabilities, and cultural/ ethnic/ linguistically diverse populations.