February 12, 2013 |Vol. 2, No. 3


APA PsyTalks video series debuts with how babies learn

APA PsyTalks video series debuts with how babies learn

The inaugural episode of PsyTalks, APA’s series of “TED-style” presentations by prominent psychologists, features Linda Smith, PhD, with an explanation of how movement and sight determine how babies learn.


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    This DVD demonstrates a three-stage model for working with dreams, where the therapist works with the client to explore the dream in detail, find insights by expanding on initial interpretations of the dream, and consolidate those insights and take action to address issues in the client's waking life.
  • Cognition and Brain Development
    The international contributors to this book present the latest advances in the science of cognitive development, using convergent methodologies derived from behavioral experimentation, electrophysiology, eye-tracking, genetics, and neuroimaging studies.

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