Chillax!: How Ernie Learns to Chill Out, Relax, and Take Charge of His Anger

Pages: 64, Black & white
Size: 5 x 7.5
Age Range: 8-13
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ISBN: 978-1-4338-1037-4
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Copyright: 2012
Format: Softcover
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Meet Ernie, a typical kid with an everyday life. Ernie has great friends, a great family (except for his annoying sister), and a great school.

There's only one problem—Ernie doesn't just get mad. He gets really, really MAD!!!

With the help of a school counselor and the support of his family, Ernie learns about his angry outbursts and discovers that he has the power to control and calm himself.

Chillax! also includes a kid-friendly resource section with even more information about emotions, plus easy-to-use tools and strategies for dealing with anger when it gets too big or out of control.

About the Author
Marcella Marino Craver, MSEd, CAS, has practiced School Psychology in public schools in New York and New Jersey for seventeen years. She is the author of Learn to Study: A Comprehensive Guide to Academic Success and gives student and parent presentations on effective and efficient study strategies. She lives with her wonderful husband, their two musically inclined teenagers, and a mischievous cat, who all fill her life with love, music, and laughter.
About the Illustrator
Amerigo Pinelli lives in the heart of Naples, among narrow streets and churches. A long time ago, when he was a child, he met a pencil, and from that moment on he started to play, joke, fight, and make peace with it. He dreams of becoming a cartoon character…but some say that he already is. You can find him chasing pigeons on the roof when the sun climbs on the Vesuvio. Ask his wife, Giulia.
Reviews & Awards
  • Gold Medal, Moonbeam Children's Book Awards for Comic/Graphic Novel
  • Mom's Choice Award for Juvenile Books – Self-Improvement (Gold)

After causing a small fire in his science class during an emotional meltdown, [Ernie] is sent to the school counselor, who offers him — and readers — not only some specific, useful strategies for controlling anger as it emerges, but also advice on 'unloading your emotional load,' in order to live more calmly. These ideas are far more comprehensive than the usual 'take a deep breath and count to 10' advice and include opportunities for practice during calmer times.