This Is Me and My Two Families: An Awareness Scrapbook/Journal for Children Living in Stepfamilies

Pages: 88, Black & white
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Age Range: 4-12
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ISBN: 978-0-945354-06-2
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Copyright: 1988
Format: Softcover
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This unique awareness scrapbook/journal is designed for children in stepfamilies to work on with their parents, stepparents, foster or adoptive parents, grandparents or stepgrandparents, or other concerned adults. Working together, children and adults can learn about their new family situations through drawing, pasting, writing, and filling in blanks. This book can also be used by therapists, counselors, and teachers to help children and their various families resolve conflicts and open up new ways of understanding and relating.
About the Author
Marla D. Evans was a step-parent for four years. She has a post graduate degree in education from the University of California at Berkeley.
Reviews & Awards

Working together on this book can be an important way to enhance communication between children and their parents and stepparents.
—Emily & John Visher, cofounders, Stepfamily Association of America

With four stepchildren and three natural children, I have been through virtually every problem at least once. This Is Me And My Two Families offers a practical and humorous way to get all the ducks in a row. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to everyone—especially those who are about to take on a second family. It is excellent for the children and adults involved.
—William E. Fromm, secretary, Organization for the Enforcement of Child Support

A very well-developed and insightful piece…a tool for parents and family members, practicing psychologists, social workers, and therapists…The workbook has a wide applicability across different situations including foster care, group care, and residential treatment facilities.
—William E. Reay, Director of Youth & Family Services, Eastern Nebraska Human Services Agency