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Interactions Between Emotion and Cognition in Music

Vol. 24, No. 1, March 2014
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About the special issue

The combined investigation of emotion and cognition and their interactions has been prominent in general psychology for some years. Nonetheless, within music research, this area of research has received less systematic attention.

With a call for papers related to this theme, the intention was to stimulate more research activity in this area and to develop further our understanding of the ways in which emotions influence music cognition, as well as the ways in which our cognitive appraisal of events, persons and/or objects influence music related emotions.

The very good response to the call from authors from a range of countries demonstrated that the theme taps into current developments in music research. A collection of submissions can be found in this issue, while publication of several others can be expected in upcoming issues.

Articles in this issue

A Cognitive-Emotional Opening to PMMB's Second Year of Quarterly Publication
Page 1
Cohen, Annabel J.

Letter From the Guest Editors of the Special Issue on Interactions between Emotion and
Cognition in Music
Pages 2–3
Timmers, Renee; Coutinho, Eduardo

Emotional Processing in Music: Study in Affective Responses to Tonal Modulation in Controlled Harmonic Progressions and Real Music
Pages 4–20
Korsakova-Kreyn, Marina; Dowling, W. Jay

The Influence of Mode and Musical Experience on the Attribution of Emotions to Melodic Sequences
Pages 21–34
Straehley, Ian C.; Loebach, Jeremy L.

The Effects of Expert Musical Training on the Perception of Emotions in Bach's Sonata For Unaccompanied Violin No. 1 in G Minor (BWV 1001)
Pages 35–57
Spitzer, Michael; Coutinho, Eduardo

Emotions During Live Music Performance: Links With Individual Differences in Empathy, Visual Imagery, and Mood
Pages 58–65
Balteș, Felicia Rodica; Miu, Andrei C.

Is Music Performance Anxiety Just an Individual Problem? Exploring the Impact of Musical Environments on Performers' Approaches to Performance and Emotions
Pages 66–74
Perdomo-Guevara, Elsa

Measuring Musical Engagement Using Expressive Movement and EEG Brain Dynamics
Pages 75–91
Leslie, Grace; Ojeda, Alejandro; Makeig, Scott

Music, Feelings, and the Human Brain
Pages 92–102
Habibi, Assal; Damasio, Antonio

Influences of Structure and Agency on the Perception of Musical Change
Pages 103–108
Dean, Roger T.; Bailes, Freya

Report of the International Summer School of Musical Understanding. Philosophical, Psychological, and Neuroscientific Approaches (University of Sheffield, July 8–11, 2013)
Pages 109–113
Schiavio, Andrea; Bramley, Stephanie; Veltri, Theresa; Cespedes-Guevara, Julian; Arthurs, Yuko

Abstracts of Doctoral Theses Related to Interactions Between Emotion and Cognition in Music
Pages 114–115

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