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Interconnections Among Different Types of Violence

Vol. 2, No. 2, April 2012
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About the special issue

This special issue presents 8 studies on the leading edge of research investigating the interconnections among different forms of violence, abuse, and maltreatment. They examine links between sexual and physical abuse, intimate partner violence, teen dating violence, community violence, and violent media. Together, they suggest that focusing on the co-occurrence of different types of violence has the potential to advance our understanding of the causes and consequences of violence and to develop more effective approaches to prevention and intervention.

Articles in this issue

Toward a More Comprehensive Understanding of Interpersonal Violence: Introduction to the Special Issue on Interconnections Among Different Types of Violence
Pages 105–110
Grych, John; Swan, Suzanne

Teen Dating Violence: Co-Occurrence With Other Victimizations in the National Survey of Children's Exposure to Violence (NatSCEV)
Pages 111–124
Hamby, Sherry; Finkelhor, David; Turner, Heather

Teens' Experiences of Harsh Parenting and Exposure to Severe Intimate Partner Violence: Adding Insult to Injury in Predicting Teen Dating Violence
Pages 125–138
Jouriles, Ernest N.; Mueller, Victoria; Rosenfield, David; McDonald, Renee; Dodson, M. Catherine

Couple-Level Analysis of the Relation Between Family-of-Origin Aggression and Intimate Partner Violence
Pages 139–153
Fritz, Patti A. Timmons; Slep, Amy M. Smith; O'Leary, K. Daniel

Is It the Exception or the Rule? Daily Co-Occurrence of Physical, Sexual, and Psychological Partner Violence in a 90-Day Study of Substance-Using, Community Women
Pages 154–164
Sullivan, Tami P.; McPartland, Tara S.; Armeli, Stephen; Jaquier, Véronique; Tennen, Howard

The Associations Between Community Violence, Television Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, Parent–Child Aggression, and Aggression in Sibling Relationships of a Sample of Preschoolers
Pages 165–178
Miller, Laura E.; Grabell, Adam; Thomas, Alvin; Bermann, Eric; Graham-Bermann, Sandra A.

Childhood Sexual Abuse and Acute Alcohol Effects on Men's Sexual Aggression Intentions
Pages 179–193
Davis, Kelly Cue; Schraufnagel, Trevor J.; Jacques-Tiura, Angela J.; Norris, Jeanette; George, William H.; Kiekel, Preston A.

Patterns of Violence Exposure and Sexual Risk in Low-Income, Urban African American Girls
Pages 194–207
Wilson, Helen W.; Woods, Briana A.; Emerson, Erin; Donenberg, Geri R.

Commentary on Wilson, Woods, Emerson, and Donenberg: The Necessity for Practitioner Vigilance in Assessing the Full-Context of an Individual's Life Experiences
Pages 208–210
Larance, Lisa Young

Adverse Experiences and Suicidal Ideation in Adolescence: Exploring the Link Using the LONGSCAN Samples
Pages 211–225
Thompson, Richard; Litrownik, Alan J.; Isbell, Patricia; Everson, Mark D.; English, Diana J.; Dubowitz, Howard; Proctor, Laura J.; Flaherty, Emalee G.

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