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Tiger Parenting, Asian-Heritage Families, and Child/Adolescent Well-Being

Vol. 4, No. 1, March 2013
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About the special issue

Amy Chua's memoir Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother (2011, New York, NY, Penguin Books) drew a tremendous amount of media attention that thrust Asian American parents into the limelight.

In this special issue, leading scholars studying parenting in Asian-heritage families use Chua's notion of the tiger mother as a launching pad to examine aspects of parenting that may be unique to Asian-heritage (encompassing both Asian American and native Asian) families.

The goals of this special issue are to examine the prevalence and impact of tiger parenting and to unpack the complexity of Asian-heritage parenting and its relation to child and adolescent well-being.

Articles in this issue

Deconstructing the Myth of the "Tiger Mother": An Introduction to the Special Issue on Tiger Parenting, Asian-Heritage Families, and Child/Adolescent Well-Being
Pages 1–6
Juang, Linda P.; Qin, Desiree Baolin; Park, Irene J. K.

Does "Tiger Parenting" Exist? Parenting Profiles of Chinese Americans and Adolescent Developmental Outcomes
Pages 7–18
Kim, Su Yeong; Wang, Yijie; Orozco-Lapray, Diana; Shen, Yishan; Murtuza, Mohammed

Is Asian American Parenting Controlling and Harsh? Empirical Testing of Relationships Between Korean American and Western Parenting Measures
Pages 19–29
Choi, Yoonsun; Kim, You Seung; Kim, Su Yeong; Park, Irene J. K.

Understanding "Tiger Parenting" Through the Perceptions of Chinese Immigrant Mothers: Can Chinese and U.S. Parenting Coexist?
Pages 30–40
Cheah, Charissa S. L.; Leung, Christy Y. Y.; Zhou, Nan

Tiger Mothering and Hmong American Parent–Adolescent Relationships
Pages 41–49
Supple, Andrew J.; Cavanaugh, Alyson M.

Hmong American Adolescents' Perceptions of Mothers' Parenting Practices: Support, Authority, and Intergenerational Agreement
Pages 50–60
Lamborn, Susie D.; Nguyen, Jacqueline; Bocanegra, Joel O.

Social and Emotional Parenting: Mothering in a Changing Chinese Society
Pages 61–70
Way, Niobe; Okazaki, Sumie; Zhao, Jing; Kim, Joanna J.; Chen, Xinyin; Yoshikawa, Hirokazu; Jia, Yueming; Deng, Huihua

On Better Footing to Understand Parenting and Family Process in Asian American Families
Pages 71–75
Lau, Anna S.; Fung, Joey

"Tiger" Parents, Other Parents
Pages 76–78
Deater-Deckard, Kirby

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