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Supervision Outcomes

Vol. 8, No. 3, August 2014
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About the special issue

This issue serves as a platform for further exploration of clinical supervision by describing strategies and frameworks to construct scaffolding to study the process of supervision and both supervisee and client outcomes.

Although originally intended to address supervision outcomes, it became increasingly clear that there are multiple steps that precede outcome assessment, that outcome assessment is also an important tool in the process of supervision, and that the entire process of supervision is in its infancy as far as understanding and developing empirical support for its components but that comprehensive evaluation of outcomes is long overdue and requires immediate attention.

Articles in this issue

Supervision Outcomes: Beginning the Journey Beyond the Emperor's New Clothes
Pages 143–148
Falender, Carol A.

A Systematic Review and Reformulation of Outcome Evaluation in Clinical Supervision: Applying the Fidelity Framework
Pages 149–157
Reiser, Robert P.; Milne, Derek L.

Precursors to Measuring Outcomes in Clinical Supervision: A Thematic Analysis
Pages 158–164
Olds, Kirsty; Hawkins, Russell

A Model and Guide for Evaluating Supervision Outcomes in Cognitive–Behavioral Therapy-Focused Training Programs
Pages 165–173
Lewis, Cara C.; Scott, Kelli E.; Hendricks, Karin E.

Evaluation of the Critical Events in Supervision Model Using Gender Related Events
Pages 174–181
Bertsch, Kristin N.; Bremer-Landau, Jodi D.; Inman, Arpana G.; DeBoer Kreider, Elizabeth R.; Price, Terrina A.; DeCarlo, Aubrey L.

Client Feedback Data in Supervision: Effects on Supervision and Outcome
Pages 182–188
Grossl, Alyssa B.; Reese, Robert J.; Norsworthy, Larry A.; Hopkins, Nathaniel B.

Assessing Supervision's Clinical and Multicultural Impacts: The Supervision Outcome Scale's Psychometric Properties
Pages 189–195
Tsong, Yuying; Goodyear, Rodney K.

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