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The Psychology of Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace

Vol. 5, No. 1, February 2011
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About the special issue

As expected with a complex phenomenon such as creativity in the workplace, the articles included in this special issue cover the entire range from individual to leadership effects to team creativity. The articles include both theoretical and empirical papers. Empirical studies include lab studies, field studies, as well as a meta-analysis. Articles are organized such that work focusing on the individual is presented first, followed by work that involves situational factors and the larger organizational context.

Articles in this issue

Introduction to Special Issue: The Psychology of Creativity and Innovation in the Workplace
Pages 1–2
Reiter-Palmon, Roni

Rational Versus Intuitive Problem Solving: How Thinking "Off the Beaten Path" Can Stimulate Creativity
Pages 3–12
Dane, Erik; Baer, Markus; Pratt, Michael G.; Oldham, Greg R.

The Effect of Regulatory Focus on Idea Generation and Idea Evaluation
Pages 13–20
Herman, Anne; Reiter-Palmon, Roni

Radical and Incremental Creativity: Antecedents and Processes
Pages 21–28
Gilson, Lucy L.; Madjar, Nora

Where Are the Generators?
Pages 29–42
Basadur, Min; Basadur, Tim

Linking Care Felt to Engagement in Innovative Behaviors in the Workplace: The Mediating Role of Psychological Conditions
Pages 43–53
Vinarski-Peretz, Hedva; Carmeli, Abraham

Paradoxes of Leading Innovative Endeavors: Summary, Solutions, and Future Directions
Pages 54–66
Hunter, Samuel T.; Thoroughgood, Christian N.; Myer, Adam T.; Ligon, Gina Scott

Managing the Innovative Process: The Dynamic Role of Leaders
Pages 67–80
Stenmark, Cheryl K.; Shipman, Amanda S.; Mumford, Michael D.

Group Creativity and Innovation: A Motivated Information Processing Perspective
Pages 81–89
De Dreu, Carsten K. W.; Nijstad, Bernard A.; Bechtoldt, Myriam N.; Baas, Matthijs

Predictors of Individual-Level Innovation at Work: A Meta-Analysis
Pages 90–105
Hammond, Michelle M.; Neff, Nicole L.; Farr, James L.; Schwall, Alexander R.; Zhao, Xinyuan

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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