Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice

Groups and the Internet

Vol. 6, No. 1, March 2002
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Articles in this issue

Intergroup Differentiation in Computer-Mediated Communication: Effects of Depersonalization
Pages 3–16
Postmes, Tom; Spears, Russell; Lea, Martin

Internet Identifiability and Beyond: A Model of the Effects of Identifiability on Communicative Behavior
Pages 17–26
Douglas, Karen M.; McGarty, Craig

Common Bond and Common Identity Groups on the Internet: Attachment and Normative Behavior in On-Topic and Off-Topic Chats
Pages 27–37
Sassenberg, Kai

Online Persuasion: An Examination of Gender Differences in Computer-Mediated Interpersonal Influence
Pages 38–51
Guadagno, Rosanna E.; Cialdini, Robert B.

Stepping Up to the Challenge: A Critical Examination of Face-to-Face and Computer-Mediated Team Decision Making
Pages 52–64
Thompson, Lori Foster; Coovert, Michael D.

Investigations Into Differences Between Social- and Cyberostracism
Pages 65–77
Williams, Kipling D.; Govan, Cassandra L.; Croker, Vanessa; Tynan, Daniel; Cruickshank, Maggie; Lam, Albert

Beyond Hearing: Where the Real-World and Online Support Meet
Pages 78–88
Cummings, Jonathon N.; Sproull, Lee; Kiesler, Sara B.

Schmooze or Lose: Social Friction and Lubrication in E-Mail Negotiations
Pages 89–100
Morris, Michael; Nadler, Janice; Kurtzberg, Terri; Thompson, Leigh

Harvesting Implicit Group Attitudes and Beliefs From a Demonstration Web Site
Pages 101–115
Nosek, Brian A.; Banaji, Mahzarin; Greenwald, Anthony G.

Virtual Group Dynamics
Pages 116–127
McKenna, Katelyn Y. A.; Green, Amie S.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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