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Prevention That Works for Children and Youth

Vol. 58, No. 6/7, June/July 2003
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About the special issue

The most beneficial preventive interventions for young people involve coordinated, systemic efforts to enhance their social-emotional competence and health. The articles in this special issue propose standards for empirically supported programming worthy of dissemination and steps to integrate prevention science with practice.

Articles in this issue

Prevention That Works for Children and Youth: An Introduction
Pages 425–432
Weissberg, Roger P.; Kumpfer, Karol L.; Seligman, Martin E. P.

The Integration of Research and Practice in the Prevention of Youth Problem Behaviors
Pages 433–440
Biglan, Anthony; Mrazek, Patricia J.; Carnine, Douglas; Flay, Brian R.

Community Interventions and Effective Prevention
Pages 441–448
Wandersman, Abraham; Florin, Paul

What Works in Prevention: Principles of Effective Prevention Programs
Pages 449–456
Nation, Maury; Crusto, Cindy; Wandersman, Abraham; Kumpfer, Karol L.; Seybolt, Diana; Morrissey-Kane, Erin; Davino, Katrina

Family-Strengthening Approaches for the Prevention of Youth Problem Behaviors
Pages 457–465
Kumpfer, Karol L.; Alvarado, Rose

Enhancing School-Based Prevention and Youth Development Through Coordinated Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning
Pages 466–474
Greenberg, Mark T.; Weissberg, Roger P.; O'Brien, Mary Utne; Zins, Joseph E.; Fredericks, Linda; Resnik, Hank; Elias, Maurice J.

Prevention Opportunities in Health Care Settings
Pages 475–481
Johnson, Suzanne Bennett; Millstein, Susan G.

Research, Policy, and the Federal Role in Prevention Initiatives for Children
Pages 482–490
Ripple, Carol H.; Zigler, Edward

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