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Outcome Assessment of Psychotherapy

Vol. 51, No. 10, October 1996
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Articles in this issue

Psychotherapy Practice and Research: Repairing a Strained Relationship
Pages 1007–1016
Goldfried, Marvin R.; Wolfe, Barry E.

The Tripartite Model and the Consumer Reports Study
Pages 1017–1024
Strupp, Hans H.

The Efficacy and Effectiveness of Psychotherapy Relative to Medications
Pages 1025–1030
Hollon, Steven D.

Studying the Effectiveness of Psychotherapy: How Well Can Clinical Trials Do the Job?
Pages 1031–1039
Jacobson, Neil S.; Christensen, Andrew

The Need for Research That Is Designed to Support Decisions in the Delivery of Mental Health Services
Pages 1040–1049
Newman, Frederick L.; Tejeda, Manuel J.

Health Care Policy, Psychotherapy Research, and the Future of Psychotherapy
Pages 1050–1058
Barlow, David H.

Evaluation of Psychotherapy: Efficacy, Effectiveness, and Patient Progress
Pages 1059–1064
Howard, Kenneth I.; Moras, Karla; Brill, Peter L.; Martinovich, Zoran; Lutz, Wolfgang

Calibration of Measures for Psychotherapy Outcome Studies
Pages 1065–1071
Sechrest, Lee; McKnight, Patrick; McKnight, Katherine

Science as an Ally of Practice
Pages 1072–1079
Seligman, Martin E. P.

The Consumer Reports Mental Health Survey
Pages 1080–1082
Kotkin, Mark; Daviet, Charles; Gurin, Joel

Errors in Seligman's "The Effectiveness of Psychotherapy: The Consumer Reports Study."
Page 1082
Hunt, Earl

The Consumer Reports Study of Psychotherapy: Invalid Is Invalid
Page 1083
Brock, Timothy C.; Green, Melanie C.; Reich, Darcy A.; Evans, Lisa M.

Efficacy and Effectiveness of Psychotherapy: Two Paradigms, One Science
Pages 1084–1085
Mintz, Jim; Drake, Robert E.; Crits-Christoph, Paul

The Effectiveness of Medication: The Consumer Reports Study
Page 1086
Kriegman, Daniel

A Creditable Beginning
Pages 1086–1088
Seligman, Martin E. P.

List Price: $25.00
Member/Affiliate Price: $25.00

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