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Reflections on B. F. Skinner and Psychology

Vol. 47, No. 11, November 1992
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About the special issue

The purpose of this special issue is to reflect on and celebrate the scientific and intellectual impact of B. F. Skinner on psychology.

Articles in this issue

B. F. Skinner and Psychology: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 1269–1272
Lattal, Kennon A.

A Self-Interpretive Behavior Analysis
Pages 1274–1286
Hineline, Philip N.

Radical Behaviorism and Scientific Frameworks: From Mechanistic to Relational Accounts
Pages 1287–1299
Chiesa, Mecca

From Mechanistic to Functional Behaviorism
Pages 1300–1311
Moxley, Roy A.

Behavioral Explanations and Intentional Explanations in Psychology
Pages 1312–1317
Baum, William M.; Heath, Jennifer L.

Skinner's Early Research: From Reflexology to Operant Conditioning
Pages 1318–1328
Iversen, Iver H.

On the Revolutionary Nature of the Operant as a Unit of Behavioral Selection
Pages 1329–1336
Glenn, Sigrid S.; Ellis, Janet; Greenspoon, Joel

Transdermal Interpretation of the Subject Matter of Behavior Analysis
Pages 1337–1343
Lee, Vicki L.

Essentialism and Selectionism in Cognitive Science and Behavior Analysis
Pages 1344–1358
Palmer, David C.; Donahoe, John W.

Models of Proximate and Ultimate Causation in Psychology
Pages 1359–1370
Alessi, Galen

Teleological Behaviorism
Pages 1371–1382
Rachlin, Howard

Verbal Relations and the Evolution of Behavior Analysis
Pages 1383–1395
Hayes, Steven C.; Hayes, Linda J.

Theory in Behavior Analysis: An Application to Child Development
Pages 1396–1410
Schlinger, Henry D.

B. F. Skinner's Legacy in Human Infant Behavior and Development
Pages 1411–1422
Gewirtz, Jacob L.; Peláez-Nogueras, Martha

Behavior Analysis and the Social Construction of Knowledge
Pages 1423–1432
Guerin, Bernard

An Existential Look at B. F. Skinner
Pages 1433–1440
Fallon, Daniel

Case Histories in the Great Power of Steady Misinterpretation
Pages 1441–1453
Todd, James T.; Morris, Edward K.

Setting the Record Straight: The Social Views of B. F. Skinner
Pages 1454–1463
Dinsmoor, James A.

Out of the Laboratory and Into the Community: 26 Years of Applied Behavior Analysis at the Juniper Gardens Children's Project
Pages 1464–1474
Greenwood, Charles R.; Carta, Judith J.; Hart, Betty; Kamps, Debra; Terry, Barbara; Arreaga-Mayer, Carmen; Atwater, Jane; Walker, Dale; Risley, Todd; Delquadri, Joseph C.

Breaking the Structuralist Barrier: Literacy and Numeracy With Fluency
Pages 1475–1490
Johnson, Kent R.; Layng, T. Joe

Is Behavior Analysis Undergoing Selection by Consequences?
Pages 1491–1498
Pennypacker, H. S.

Achieving the Just Society in the 21st Century: What Can Skinner Contribute?
Pages 1499–1506
Rakos, Richard F.

Some Fundamentals of B. F. Skinner's Behaviorism
Pages 1507–1520
Delprato, Dennis J.; Midgley, Bryan D.

B. F. Skinner, Organism
Pages 1521–1530
Catania, A. Charles

Orbital Bar Pressing: A Historical Note on Skinner and the Chimpanzees in Space
Pages 1531–1533
Rohles, Frederick H.

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