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Perspectives on Prescription Drug Abuse and Relief of Pain

Vol. 16, No. 5, October 2008
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Articles in this issue

Chronic Pain Alters Drug Self-Administration: Implications for Addiction and Pain Mechanisms
Pages 357–366
Martin, Thomas J.; Ewan, Eric

Evaluation of Prescription Opioids Using Operant-Based Pain Measures in Rats
Pages 367–375
Morgan, Drake; Carter, Christy S.; Dupree, Jameson P.; Yezierski, Robert P.; Vierck Jr., Charles J.

Sex Differences in Analgesic, Reinforcing, Discriminative, and Motoric Effects of Opioids
Pages 376–385
Craft, Rebecca M.

Mu/Kappa Opioid Interactions in Rhesus Monkeys: Implications for Analgesia and Abuse Liability
Pages 386–399
Negus, S. Stevens; Schrode, Katrina; Stevenson, Glenn W.

The Interface Between Pain and Drug Abuse and the Evolution of Strategies to Optimize Pain Management While Minimizing Drug Abuse
Pages 400–404
Passik, Steven D.; Kirsh, Kenneth L.

Opioids and the Treatment of Chronic Pain: Controversies, Current Status, and Future Directions
Pages 405–416
Rosenblum, Andrew; Marsch, Lisa A.; Joseph, Herman; Portenoy, Russell K.

Addressing the Intersecting Problems of Opioid Misuse and Chronic Pain Treatment
Pages 417–428
Denisco, Richard A.; Chandler, Redonna K.; Compton, Wilson M.

Retrospective Accounts of Initial Subjective Effects of Opioids in Patients Treated for Pain Who Do or Do Not Develop Opioid Addiction: A Pilot Case-Control Study
Pages 429–434
Bieber, Corey M.; Fernandez, Kathrine; Borsook, David; Brennan, Michael J.; Butler, Stephen F.; Jamison, Robert N.; Osgood, Eric; Sharpe-Potter, Jennifer; Thomson, Heather N.; Weiss, Roger D.; Katz, Nathaniel P.

Addiction to Prescription Opioids: Characteristics of the Emerging Epidemic and Treatment With Buprenorphine
Pages 435–441
Mendelson, John; Flower, Keith; Pletcher, Mark J.; Galloway, Gantt P.

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