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The Decade of Behavior: Psychopharmacology and Substance Research

Vol. 8, No. 3, August 2000
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Articles in this issue

Celebrating the Decade of Behavior: Introduction to Special Issue
Pages 261–263
Higgins, Stephen T.; Bickel, Warren K.

Contributions of Behavioral Science to Alcohol Research: Understanding Who Is At Risk and Why
Pages 264–270
Gordis, Enoch

National Institute of Mental Health Goals for Behavioral Science
Pages 271–272
Hyman, Steven E.

National Institute on Drug Abuse's Behavioral Research Agenda
Pages 273–275
Leshner, Alan I.

Pavlovian Psychopharmacology: The Associative Basis of Tolerance
Pages 276–293
Siegel, Shepard; Baptista, Marco A. S.; Kim, Joseph A.; McDonald, Robert V.; Weise-Kelly, Lorraine

Using Behavior to Elucidate Receptor Mechanisms: A Review of the Discriminative Stimulus Effects of Benzodiazepines
Pages 294–311
Lelas, Snježana; Spealman, Roger D.; Rowlett, James K.

Acquisition of Drug Self-Administration: Environmental and Pharmacological Interventions
Pages 312–325
Campbell, Una C.; Carroll, Marilyn E.

Placebo Cigarettes in Smoking Research
Pages 326–332
Robinson, Minqun L.; Houtsmuller, Elisabeth J.; Moolchan, Eric T.; Pickworth, Wallace B.

Relative Persistence of Behavior: A Fundamental Measure of Relative Reinforcing Effects
Pages 333–349
Meisch, Richard A.

Measuring Reinforcer Efficacy: Does Relative Persistence Do It? Comment on Meisch (2000)
Pages 350–351
Branch, Marc N.

Quantification of Reinforcing Effectiveness: Comment on Meisch (2000)
Pages 352–354
Carroll, Marilyn E.

Regulation of Drug-Maintained Behavior: Comment on Meisch (2000)
Pages 355–356
Rowlett, James K.

A Behavioral Economic Analysis of the Relative Persistence of Behavior: Comment on Meisch (2000)
Pages 357–359
Shurtleff, David

The Next Reinforcer: Comment on Meisch (2000)
Pages 360–361
Woods, James H.

Relative Persistence of Behavior: A Reply to Comments
Pages 362–365
Meisch, Richard A.

The Influence of Exchange Delays on Cigarette Versus Money Choice: A Laboratory Analog of Voucher-Based Reinforcement Therapy
Pages 366–370
Roll, John M.; Reilly, Mark P.; Johanson, Chris-Ellyn

Contingency Management Interventions for Treating the Substance Abuse of Adolescents: A Feasibility Study
Pages 371–376
Corby, Elizabeth A.; Roll, John M.; Ledgerwood, David M.; Schuster, Charles R.

Initial Abstinence and Success in Achieving Longer Term Cocaine Abstinence
Pages 377–386
Higgins, Stephen T.; Badger, Gary J.; Budney, Alan J.

Alcohol and Behavioral Control: Impaired Response Inhibition and Flexibility in Social Drinkers
Pages 387–394
Easdon, Craig M.; Vogel-Sprott, Muriel

Ethanol Consumption and the Matching Law: A Choice Analysis Using a Limited-Access Paradigm
Pages 395–403
Martinetti, Margaret P.; Andrzejewski, Matthew E.; Hineline, Philip N.; Lewis, Michael J.

Effects of Dopamine D₁-Like and D₂-Like Agonists in Rats Trained to Discriminate Cocaine From Saline: Influence of Experimental History
Pages 404–414
Caine, S. Barak; Negus, S. Steven; Mello, Nancy K.; Bergman, Jack

A Three-Choice Discrimination Procedure Dissociates the Discriminative Stimulus Effects of D-Amphetamine and (±)-MDMA in Rats
Pages 415–423
Goodwin, A. K.; Baker, L. E.

First- Versus Last-Session Substitution: An Evaluation of the Reinforcing Effects of Cocaine and the Cocaine Analogue 2β-Propanoyl-3β-(4-Tolyl)-Tropane
Pages 424–433
Lile, Joshua A.; Morgan, Drake; Nader, Michael A.

Determination of the Place Conditioning and Locomotor Effects of Amperozide in Rats: A Comparison With Cocaine
Pages 434–443
Rademacher, David J.; Anders, Katie A.; Riley, Monica G.; Nesbitt, Joanna T.; Steinpreis, Rhea E.

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