Journal of Personality and Social Psychology

Self and Social Identity

Vol. 71, No. 6, December 1996
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About the special issue

The articles in this special issue reflect the naturalness with which the self and social identity theme transcends the boundaries of Journal of Personality and Social Psychology sections. They treat issues of self-regulatory function as well as structure, the way cognitive performance is shaped by beliefs and self-related stereotypes, how well-being depends on one's individuality and relatedness, and how one's perceived position in a social hierarchy influences the failure or success of one's group to determine one's identification or disidentification with it.

Articles in this issue

Introduction to the Special Issue on the Self and Social Identity
Page 1061
Kruglanski, Arie W.; Miller, Norman; Geen, Russell G.

The "Self Digest": Self-Knowledge Serving Self-Regulatory Functions
Pages 1062–1083
Higgins, E. Tory

Relationship Between Social and Personal Identities: Segregation or Integration
Pages 1084–1091
Reid, Anne; Deaux, Kay

Improving Memory in Old Age Through Implicit Self-Stereotyping
Pages 1092–1107
Levy, Becca

Eliciting Facial Affect, Motivation, and Expectancies in Transference: Significant-Other Representations in Social Relations
Pages 1108–1129
Andersen, Susan M.; Reznik, Inga; Manzella, Lenora M.

Self-Esteem and "If…Then" Contingencies of Interpersonal Acceptance
Pages 1130–1141
Baldwin, Mark W.; Sinclair, Lisa

Stability Within the Self: A Longitudinal Study of the Structural Implications of Self-Discrepancy Theory
Pages 1142–1153
Strauman, Timothy J.

The Self-Fulfilling Nature of Positive Illusions in Romantic Relationships: Love Is Not Blind, But Prescient
Pages 1155–1180
Murray, Sandra L.; Holmes, John G.; Griffin, Dale W.

Self-Definition, Defensive Processing, and Influence: The Normative Impact of Majority and Minority Groups
Pages 1181–1193
Wood, Wendy; Pool, Gregory J.; Leck, Kira; Purvis, Daniel

Selective Self-Stereotyping
Pages 1194–1209
Biernat, Monica; Vescio, Theresa K.; Green, Michelle L.

Big Fish in Small Ponds: A Social Hierarchy Analysis of Intergroup Bias
Pages 1210–1221
Seta, John J.; Seta, Catherine E.

Intergroup Norms and Intergroup Discrimination: Distinctive Self-Categorization and Social Identity Effects
Pages 1222–1233
Jetten, Jolanda; Spears, Russell; Manstead, Antony S. R.

Still Participating After All These Years: A Study of Life Task Participation in Later Life
Pages 1235–1249
Harlow, Robert E.; Cantor, Nancy

Why Do Bad Moods Increase Self-Defeating Behavior? Emotion, Risk Tasking, and Self-Regulation
Pages 1250–1267
Leith, Karen Pezza; Baumeister, Roy F.

Individuality and Relatedness of the Self: An Autophotographic Study
Pages 1268–1278
Dollinger, Stephen J.; Preston, Lea Ann; O'Brien, Sonia Pagany; DiLalla, David L.

The Working Self-Concept in Transference: Significant-Other Activation and Self Change
Pages 1279–1295
Hinkley, Katrina; Andersen, Susan M.

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