Call for Papers for Practice-Oriented Evidence Review

Journal of Psychotherapy Integration

This is an open call for authors to submit a manuscript for possible publication in the Journal of Psychotherapy Integration's new recurring series on practice-oriented evidence reviews (Co-Guest Edited by Michael J. Constantino and Marvin R. Goldfried). This series underscores the importance of translating basic behavioral science research to the clinical situation, thus privileging both cross-discipline and science-practice integration.

The spirit of the practice-oriented evidence review is to synthesize current knowledge from a basic science realm on human behavior, and to explicate the implications of this knowledge base for practitioners and practice-focused researchers.

As just a few examples, such translational reviews could focus on the clinical implications of research on psychopathology, attributional style, close relationships, intergroup conflict, neuroscience, behavioral genetics, emotion, stereotyping, etc.

In addition to linking the research findings to practice, the reviews should also highlight potential future research directions that lie at the interface of clinical psychology and the relevant basic behavioral science domain(s).

We envision that the practice-oriented evidence review can be authored by a knowledgeable psychotherapy researcher who is cross-trained in a basic behavioral science, or co-authored by a basic science researcher and a practitioner working "in the trenches."

Whatever the format, authors should structure the paper in a manner that keeps returning to the central questions:

  • What are the most likely connections between research findings in this basic science domain and direct clinical practice?
  • What types of future integrative research designs would best advance knowledge at the basic-applied psychology intersection?

Although variability in length is expected based on the topic, reviews should be a maximum of 8,000 words inclusive of an abstract, references, tables, and figures. Authors should also limit their use of references in the service of highlighting the clinical implications.

Interested authors are welcome to contact either of the Co-Guest Editors (Michael J. Constantino and/or Marvin R. Goldfried) if they have any questions about the process.

Please note that manuscripts should be submitted through the typical Journal of Psychotherapy Integration Manuscript Submission Portal, and the cover letter should indicate that the authors are targeting this special series.

We look forward to your submissions!

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