Guide to the Fields in PsycTESTS® Records

The PsycTESTS® database records are divided into fields, which makes searching the databases easier. What goes into each field varies depending on the literature we're documenting.

This guide lists all the fields, plus an explanation of what each field does.

Check the online help for your search system or the search guide in our Help and Training Center to find out how to use these fields and their values when searching the database.

Current as of October 2011

Field Guide

Unique Identifier System-generated identifier for PsycTESTS Test Master Record
Master Record DOI DOI registered with CrossRef for a PsycTESTS Test Master Record
Name Name of the test described in the Test Master Record, or "Created by PsycINFO" if a test name is not provided
Alternate Test Name Any alternate names for the test
Acronym Test acronym(s) provided in the source document
Purpose What the test is assessing
Description Descriptive summary of the test being profiled in the Test Master Record
Test Author Author or authors of the test
Institutional Author Corporate or institutional author of the test
Correspondence Address Address for corresponding author

Description of format


  • 5-point Likert Scale
  • Agree/Disagree with Survey Statements
  • Multiple Choice
Language Controlled list indicating the languages in which the test is available
Supporting Documentation

A controlled list of types of supporting documentation:

  • Answer Sheet
  • Instructor/Test Manual/Guide
  • Student/Study Guide
  • Test Materials
  • Directions
  • Check Lists
  • Class Record Sheets
  • Norms/Analyses
  • Lessons with Tests
  • Other
Supporting Documentation Link Link to any supporting documentation related to the Test Master Record test profile
Construct Psychological construct being measured

Controlled list of values indicating the testing accommodations available to ensure nondiscrimination in test administration:

  • Accessible Formats
  • Extended Time/Rest Breaks
  • Testing Environment Alternatives
Test File Indicates whether the test has Text or Multimedia files associated with it, and whether the tests are Full, Partial, or Sample
Web Site Web site for additional information if provided by author or test publisher
Commercial Controlled value indicating whether or not a test is commercially available

Controlled list of values indicating the level of permissions needed in order to use a test:

  • May use for Research/Teaching
  • Contact Corresponding Author
  • Contact Publisher
  • Contact Publisher and Corresponding Author
  • Not Specified
Fee Controlled value indicating whether or not there is a fee for test use
Publisher Name of the publisher of a commercially available test
Test Year Year(s) the test was published
Release Date Date the Test Master Record was released into PsycTESTS
Correction Date

Date the Test Master Record was updated with additional Test Child Records or was corrected

Also the date an existing Test Child Record was updated

Number of Test Records Number of Test Child Records associated with the Test Master Record profile
Test Record UID Unique identifier for PsycTESTS Test Records that will share all but the 3-digit record-level identifier with the Test Master Record UID
Test Record Type

Controlled list of 4 values:

  • Test Development
  • Test Review
  • Test Use
  • Test Primary Data

The setting in which the test was administered


  • Hospital
  • Nursing Home
  • Nursery School
Reliability Free-text field that captures test reliability data provided in the source document
Validity Free-text field that captures test validity data provided in the source document
Number of Test Items Number of items in the test
Administration Method

Controlled list of methods:

  • Paper
  • Electronic
  • Interview
  • Physical Object
  • Other
Administration Time Time required to administer the test, for example, "The mean time to complete the 30+2 general items was 21 min (median=20, range 10–35)."
Age Group A controlled list of specific population age groups related to the content, including focus and/or population of the Test Child Record

Controlled values describing the population to which the test was administered:

  • Human
  • Animal
  • Male
  • Female
  • Inpatient
  • Outpatient
Population Details

Further description of the sample population


  • Institutionalized patients living in nursing homes
  • Undergraduates in Israel
  • Buddhists

Natural language description of the Test Child Record


  • Air Travel Stress
  • Construct Validity
  • International Flight
  • Flight Crew
  • Airlines
  • Reliability
Index Terms Controlled vocabulary applied from the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms ®
Source Document Citation

Full citation of the source document that describes the development, review, or use of the test

Source Citation can be for a PsycINFO (including PsycARTICLES or PsycBOOKS) or PsycEXTRA record

Test Record Release Date Date Test Child Record was released into the PsycTESTS database