Journal Coverage Information for Publishers

PsycINFO® covers journals published world-wide. We actively seek new quality journals in both print and electronic formats, and we encourage you to submit your journals for evaluation.


Is it Covered Already?

Please check our online journal coverage list to see if PsycINFO is currently indexing your journal. The online list is updated monthly. You can also request a print copy of the list (published annually). Call us at 800-374-2722 or email PsycINFO.


Selection Criteria

PsycINFO evaluates all journals for coverage using the criteria listed below. We seek comprehensive, but not all-inclusive, coverage of the field, and we take into consideration relevancy of content, standards of presentation, and regularity of publication. We evaluate journals on an ongoing basis and add or delete journals regularly.

Each journal, before it is accepted for coverage, goes through a rigorous evaluation. In addition to a thorough review of the content, the evaluation committee requires a publication to answer questions about its peer-review process, business practices, and other publishing details. If the evaluation committee has any questions, staff reaches out to editorial board members and/or authors for further information.

Reviews for quality, relevance to behavioral science, and publisher business practices are performed regularly on journals already accepted for coverage. Journals which do not maintain excellence in all of these areas risk removal from our coverage list.

PsycINFO welcomes and appreciates feedback on the journals it covers. Should you have a concern about the quality or business practices of a particular title on our coverage list, please email Lynn Willis, PsycINFO Content Development Manager or call (202) 336-5689.

For more guidance, please see the Journal Article Selection Criteria page.


To be accepted for coverage, a journal must:

  • Be relevant to psychology
  • Be of a quality and scope of interest to an international audience
  • Be peer reviewed
    • Peers who are knowledgeable in the subject area and who come from an array of perspectives and settings review submitted manuscripts and advise the editor on their originality, significance and scientific rigor.
  • Have an ISSN
  • Follow standard conventions for scholarly journals:
    • Have an informative title and descriptive article titles
    • Include full addresses for authors
    • Include abstracts and key words
    • Include references that are current, from quality journals, and of an appropriate number for the articles in a standard format.
  • Contain usable abstracts, titles, and keywords in English (see Requirements for PsycINFO Abstracts)
  • Demonstrate diversity of reviewers and authors—no house organs
  • Include all or mostly all original articles
  • Contain articles that are substantiated with empirical data or other means
  • Be published on a regular schedule appropriate for the established frequency of the journal
  • Have articles that are written by professionals in their field. Student journals will be referred to PsycEXTRA for potential coverage.

In addition, e-journals must:

  • Provide evidence of archiving arrangements, online or otherwise
  • Include a posting date for articles and revisions

Features that Support Acceptance

  • Sponsorship by a psychological association or other society
  • Psychologists among editorial board members and authors
  • Indexed in other databases
  • Online access
  • English table of contents
  • Transliterated references
  • Frequency of publication clearly advertised on masthead or web page

For e-journals

  • Email list
  • Presence of version number
  • Indication of where previous versions can be obtained
  • Links

How to Submit Your Materials

To evaluate your journal, PsycINFO needs:

(* This document is in Adobe PDF format and requires the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. If you don't already have a copy of the Acrobat Reader, you can download one for free from Adobe.)

Please send the journals with the two forms to:

Journal Content Supervisor
American Psychological Association
PO Box 91600
Washington, DC 20090-1600

If sending UPS or Federal Express, please send the journals and forms to:

Journal Content Supervisor
American Psychological Association
750 First Street, NE
Washington, DC 20002-4242

What Happens Next?

Our Coverage and Acquisitions staff will evaluate your journal based on our Journal Coverage Criteria. Once we have all of the materials we need to support submission, the evaluation process generally requires approximately two to three months. When we complete this evaluation and make a decision to accept or reject your journal, we will notify you and the editor. If the journal is accepted, you can expect to see citations from it in a future PsycINFO update.