PsycINFO® Information for Publishers

PsycINFO® is the most comprehensive and authoritative publisher of bibliographic reference sources in psychology, covering scholarly and technical publications in psychology and related fields. If you publish books or peer-reviewed-journals, in these fields, you will want to send your materials to us for consideration.

We have been capturing cited references in our records since 2001.

Why Seek Coverage in PsycINFO?

Broadest Audience

  • Used in major libraries worldwide and on the Internet
  • Reaches millions of professionals in a wide array of disciplines, plus the general public
  • Increases citations and references for participating publishers because it is a major finding tool for authors in many fields

Comprehensive and Current

  • World's largest database in the behavioral and social sciences
  • Covers literature from the 1800s to present
  • Includes 22 major classification categories, 135 subcategories
  • Indexed with the controlled vocabulary in the Thesaurus of Psychological Index Terms.
  • Updated with weekly releases to customers
  • Records released into database within days of our receipt of publication

Outstanding Quality

  • Covered publications selected after careful evaluation for quality
  • Abstracts edited to assure accurate reflection of content
  • Records indexed by highly skilled indexers and abstractors

Added Features

PsycINFO records contain:

  • Links to full-text articles with Digital Object Identifiers (DOI)
  • Numerous fields including age, population, methodology, tests and measures
  • Information about country of publication
  • Links to references cited in journal articles, books, and chapters