July 2014

PsycBOOKS® – Now BIGGER and Better!

The content included in PsycBOOKS® has been expanded — making PsycBOOKS the most current and comprehensive full-text resource for APA-published scholarly books available today.

Current PsycBOOKS customers will immediately benefit from these newly included titles.

What's Changing?

NEW! No more embargo on current titles

  • PsycBOOKS now includes access to new APA-published scholarly and professional books as they are released.
  • View the PsycBOOKS New Releases page, which includes 33 new 2014 titles from APA.

NEW! APA Handbooks in Psychology® Series now included

PsycBOOKS now includes all volumes of the APA Handbooks in Psychology Series, offering immediate access to reference books covering a wide array of disciplines, including:

  • Addiction
  • Behavior Analysis
  • Counseling Psychology
  • Educational Psychology
  • Ethics in Psychology
  • Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Multicultural Psychology
  • Personality and Social Psychology
  • Psychology, Religion, and Spirituality
  • Research Methods in Psychology
  • Sexuality and Psychology
  • Testing and Assessment in Psychology

What Does This Mean for PsycBOOKS Subscribers?

With these additions, PsycBOOKS becomes the most current and comprehensive resource for APA-published book content. PsycBOOKS is the single, and only, resource for complete coverage of scholarly and professional books published by APA.

In addition, PsycBOOKS supplements the APA-published content with an extensive back file of classic, historical, and out-of-print works, making it indispensable for any library serving psychology, mental health, and behavioral science research.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What new content has been added?

  • The current 12-month embargo has been removed — all new APA-published scholarly and professional books will be added to the database as they are released.
  • APA Handbooks in Psychology — all currently available volumes; future volumes will be added as they are released.

2. When will these books be available in PsycBOOKS?

  • The new content will begin to be added to PsycBOOKS in July 2014.

3. My institution currently subscribes to PsycBOOKS. Do we need to do anything to gain access to the new content?

  • No. All of the new content will be incorporated into your existing PsycBOOKS access and will be discoverable immediately.

4. My institution subscribes to PsycBOOKS through a vendor platform, not through APA PsycNET. Do we get this new content too?

  • Yes. This new content is included with every subscription to PsycBOOKS, regardless of platform.

Additional Information

To access PsycBOOKS or for more information on all the benefits of a PsycBOOKS site license for your institution, visit the PsycBOOKS homepage.