A PsycTESTS Milestone: 20,000 Records!

In March 2014, PsycTESTS added its 20,000th test. This means that over the last two and half years, the database has grown by 900%.

We've been providing regular updates on the development and growth of PsycTESTS® in this newsletter, so those of you who've followed along will recall that this database launched in September of 2011 with about 2,200 records.

In March 2014, PsycTESTS passed an important milestone: the 20,000th test! This means that over the past two and half years, our hardworking test researchers and indexers have grown the database by 900%.

The Male Role Norms Inventory—Short Form has the honor of being the test that hit this marker.

The Male Role Norms Inventory—Short Form - sycTESTS 20,000th record

In the December 2013 issue of this newsletter, we reported on a variety of statistics for PsycTESTS. While the numbers have changed, the proportions remain about the same — 75% of the tests represented have either the full test or items from the test available to download, and approximately 50% were published in the last decade.

As the database has grown, so have our plans for it. While it's too early for us to report on anything just yet, APA staff are discussing and planning for some tweaks and updates to the database.

If you have any suggestions, please send them along for consideration.