In Search Of: Submitting a Manuscript to an APA Journal

Learn how to find appropriate journals for manuscript submission and where to go on APA's own site for specific information on how to submit.

We know faculty and students are very interested in getting their work published. Did you know PsycINFO and your search platform can help?

The first hurdle is finding journals that would be appropriate for your research. The next steps are to find guidelines for manuscript preparation (and following them to the T!) and the portal for submission.

In this issue, we've limited a search to PsycARTICLES to narrow our target journals to APA and EPF (Educational Publishing Foundation) journals. From the journals that returned the most results, we've looked for publication information that leads to the journal's editorial office submission policy and procedure.

Versions of this tutorial are available for APA PsycNET, EBSCOhost, ProQuest and OvidSP.

You can review the version for your platform on the PsycINFO YouTube channel: