PsycTESTS: My, How You Have Grown

We recently crunched some PsycTESTS numbers and want to share a few statistics with you.

We released PsycTESTS® in September of 2011 with what some may have felt was a rather small number of records — about 2,500. But since that time, we've been working diligently to grow the database. We recently crunched some numbers and wanted to share a few statistics with you.

First, the database has grown enormously. By late November, we were on track to hit 18,000 records by the end of 2013. While this chart may be rather bare, we think it does a great job of capturing the hard work our test researchers are putting in (not to mention their quick pace):

Chart showing the growth of APA's PsycTESTS database from September 2011 to November 2013

There are four types of records in the database. Here's a breakdown that includes the number of records as of November 2013:

  • Test Development – 15,455
  • Test Review – 1,271
  • Test Use – 908
  • Test Primary Data – 1,166

Of the records currently available, more than 76% have either complete or partial test text available. While we are including historical tests in the database, about 75% of the tests were created in the last 20 years — and 50% in just the last 10 years!

Training Materials

Naturally, we've also been working on training materials.

Most recently, we've created a PDF guide called Getting Started with PsycTESTS. This handout answers frequently asked questions about the database, and provides additional tips and background information for the user. We formatted it so that it would work both for the user who just wants a quick answer to one question, and for someone who wants to walk themselves through an overview.

As of this writing, Getting Started with PsycTESTS on APA PsycNET (PDF, 1,739KB) is available, and guides for EBSCOhost, ProQuest and OvidSP are in development.

Once finished, these will be posted on our Search Guides page.

As you may expect, the last page of the guide points to additional training resources for PsycTESTS. We built in some blank space for you to write in contact information for your library.

If you'd like, we can provide a PDF that's customized with your library contact info. Simply send us a note and tell us which platform you use and what you'd like included (there's room for three lines of content). We'll return a high-resolution PDF you can print out and upload to your website. Naturally, you can also link back to the versions we've posted online if you don't want to host your own.

Our library of tutorials for PsycTESTS has also been growing. We've created playlists on YouTube — please feel free to link to or embed a video or an entire playlist.

If you haven't looked at PsycTESTS lately, we hope you'll take a peek.

More information on the database is available on the PsycTESTS homepage.

We're also glad to answer questions or take any suggestions for training materials or videos — send us a note or give us a ring at 800-374-2722.