In Search Of

In Search Of: Tests & Measures in PsycINFO

This issue's search highlights four recent tutorials, one on each of our major vendor platforms, that investigate using the Tests and Measures field in PsycINFO.

For the last several issues, we've been presenting an "In Search of" video that demonstrates how to use a particular feature of APA Databases on each of the four major vendor platforms. But we've heard from readers that you prefer tutorials that focus on one interface.

So, in response to your requests, in this issue we highlight some existing tutorials on separate platforms.

In this issue we share four tutorials that investigate using the Tests and Measures field in PsycINFO®. This is a great feature for students and researchers who need to find studies that have used a particular measure.

Each tutorial starts with a brief comparison of PsycTESTS® and PsycINFO so the viewer can understand the differences. The tutorial contains search examples that describe how to use the field, including useful tips like how to identify a test that's available in PsycTESTS and how to search PsycINFO for tests that have been appended to the full text of the article.

Versions of this tutorial are available for APA PsycNET, EBSCOhost, ProQuest and OvidSP.

You can review the version for your platform on the PsycINFO YouTube channel.