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Coverage List

ISBN Title
1-59147-285-7 Adlerian therapy: Theory and practice
1-59147-193-1 Adolescent suicide: Assessment and intervention (2nd ed.)
1-59147-319-5 Aging workforce: Realities, myths, and implications for organizations, The
1-59147-282-2 Bullying prevention: Creating a positive school climate and developing social competence
1-59147-405-1 Casebook of psychotherapy integration, A
1-59147-306-3 Chronic depression: Interpersonal sources, therapeutic solutions
1-59147-408-6 Chronic health-related disorders in children: Collaborative medical and psychoeducational interventions
1-59147-283-0 Clinical neuropsychology: A pocket handbook for assessment, 2nd ed
1-59147-357-8 Cognition and suicide: Theory, research, and therapy
1-59147-279-2 Constructive divorce: Procedural justice and sociolegal reform
1-59147-235-0 Couple power therapy: Building commitment, cooperation, communication, and community in relationships
1-59147-274-1 Creating high-tech teams: Practical guidance on work performance and technology
1-59147-392-6 Criminal profiling: Developing an effective science and practice
1-59147-360-8 Culturally responsive cognitive-behavioral therapy: Assessment, practice, and supervision
1-59147-329-2 Emerging adults in America: Coming of age in the 21st century
1-59147-394-2 Emotion regulation in couples and families: Pathways to dysfunction and health
1-59147-280-6 Emotion-focused therapy for depression
1-59147-416-7 Emotions and culpability: How the law is at odds with psychology, jurors, and itself
1-59147-344-6 Essentials of clinical hypnosis: An evidence-based approach
1-59147-395-0 Ethical practice in forensic psychology: A systematic model for decision making
1-59147-346-2 Ethical practice in small communities: Challenges and rewards for psychologists
1-59147-353-5 Ethical practice of psychology in organizations (2nd ed.), The
1-59147-290-3 Evidence-based practices in mental health: Debate and dialogue on the fundamental questions
1-59147-403-5 Evidence-based psychotherapy: Where practice and research meet
1-59147-402-7 Executive wisdom: Coaching and the emergence of virtuous leaders
1-59147-414-0 Fear and learning: From basic processes to clinical implications
1-59147-404-3 Helping others help children: Clinical supervision of child psychotherapy
1-59147-356-X Identity and story: Creating self in narrative
1-59147-333-0 Imagery in psychotherapy
1-59147-332-2 In the room with men: A casebook of therapeutic change
1-59147-361-6 Interpersonal psychotherapy for depressed older adults
1-59147-359-4 Mental health care for urban Indians: Clinical insights from Native practitioners
1-59147-397-7 MMPI, MMPI-2, & MMPI-A in court: A practical guide for expert witnesses and attorneys (3rd.ed), The
1-59147-287-3 MMPI-2: A practitioner's guide
1-59147-415-9 Neural networks in organizational research
1-59147-049-8 Pain survival guide: How to reclaim your life, The
1-59147-410-8 Personality-guided therapy for depression
1-59147-326-8 Practical ethics for psychologists: A positive approach
1-59147-342-X Preventing violence: Research and evidence-based intervention strategies
1-59147-327-6 Preventing youth violence in a multicultural society
1-59147-330-6 Psychological interventions in childhood chronic illness
1-59147-354-3 Psychological treatment of chronic illness: The biopsychosocial therapy approach
1-59147-355-1 Psychology in the service of national security
1-59147-236-9 Psychosocial issues near the end of life: A resource for professional care providers
1-59147-407-8 Psychology licensure and certification: What students need to know
1-59147-317-9 Reforming punishment: Psychological limits to the pains of imprisonment
1-59147-281-4 Reviewing scientific works in psychology
1-59147-305-5 Road rage: Assessment and treatment of the angry, aggressive driver
1-59147-286-5 Sex and love in intimate relationships
1-59147-232-6 Sexual orientation and mental health: Examining identity and development in lesbian, gay, and bisexual people
1-59147-324-1 Strengthening research methodology: Psychological measurement and evaluation
1-59147-331-4 Therapeutic alliances in couple and family therapy: An empirically informed guide to practice
1-59147-406-X Understanding depression in women: Applying empirical research to practice and policy
1-59147-343-8 Violent offenders: Appraising and managing risk (2nd ed.)
1-59147-411-6 What therapists don't talk about and why: Understanding taboos that hurt us and our clients
1-59147-316-0 Women and victimization: Contributing factors, interventions, and implications