The Fundamentals of Learning

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Publication Date: 1932
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This volume reports investigations covering a period of three years, dealing with the fundamental facts and forces in learning. It was the author's original purpose to work at certain basic problems until satisfactory solutions were reached; and in general he has done so. But the results suggested certain new problems of such great importance that he has thought it wise to study these also, even without expectation of attaining a final settlement of them. As an indirect consequence of this, one important problem in his original set, that of the relation of the formation of conditional reflexes to associative shifting of the ordinary sort, has been treated only very cursorily.

Table of Contents



  1. Introduction
  2. The Influence of the Repetition of a Situation
  3. The Influence of the Repetition of a Connection Without Belonging
  4. The Influence of the Repetition of a Connection with Belonging
  5. The Influence of the Impressiveness of the First Term Upon the Gain in Strength From a Given Number of Occurrences of the Connection
  6. The Influence of the Distribution of the Occurrences of a Connection Upon Its Strength
  7. The Polarity of Mental Connections
  8. The Influence of Repetition of a Series Upon the Omission of Its Intermediate Terms
  9. The Influence of the After-Effects of a Connection
  10. The Influence of the After-Effects of a Connection When Opportunities to Repeat of Revive It of Any Equivalent of Substitute for It Are Excluded
  11. The Influence of Rewards and Punishments
  12. The Physiological Basis of the Strengthening of Connections by Their After-Effects
  13. Readiness, Identifiability, and Availability
  14. The Influence of Mental Systems
  15. Desires, Purposes, Interests, and Motives
  16. Associative Shifting and the Conditional Reflex
  17. Minor Experiments, Comments, and Suggestions for Further Investigation
  18. Adverse Evidence and Arguments


  • I. Experiments in Responding to a Length by an Estimate of Its Magnitude
  • II. Experiments in Responding to a Signal by Making a Movement. Experiments 6 to 22
  • III. Experiments in Connecting Numbers with Words
  • IV. Materials and Results for Experiment 38, with the Angel Word Number Series
  • V. Experiments in Learning Code Substitution
  • VI. Materials for Experiments on the Polarity of Connections
  • VII. The Influence of Primacy and of Recency
  • VIII. Estimates of the Influence of, Rewards and Punishments in Various Experiments with Animal Learning
  • IX. The Use of Free Associations in Studies of Mental Dynamics
  • X. Experiments with Associative Shifting and Conditional Reflexes

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