Conceptualization and Measurement of Organism–Environment Interaction

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Copyright: 1991
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This book uncovers conceptual and methodological roadblocks, clearing the path to a better understanding of organism–environment interactions in behavioral research. The editors probe the problems and discuss the most promising methodological and conceptual parameters of study, including environmental contributions; organismic contributions; and design and analytic strategies.

This softcover edition is a re-release of the 1991 hardcover edition.

Table of Contents




  1. Overview of Current Models and Research
    —Theodore D. Wachs and Robert Plomin

I. Individual and Environmental Contributions

  1. Toward a More Temporal View of Organism–Environment Interaction
    —Gene P. Sackett
  2. Genotype–Environment Interaction
    —Robert Plomin and Scott Hershberger
  3. Environmental Considerations in Studies With Nonextreme Groups
    —Theodore D. Wachs
  4. Illustrations of Person–Environment Interaction From a Longitudinal Study
    —L. Alan Sroufe and Byron Egeland

II. Design and Statistical Considerations

  1. Emerging Views on Methodology
    —Lee J. Cronbach
  2. Person–Environment Interactions: Concepts, Mechanisms, and Implications for Data Analysis
    —Michael Rutter and Andrew Pickles
  3. So Many Interactions, So Little Evidence. Why?
    —Robert B. McCall
  4. Synthesis: Promising Research Designs, Measures, and Strategies
    —Theodore D. Wachs