Measuring Up: Educational Assessment Challenges and Practices for Psychology

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Psychology teachers and administrators in high school through graduate programs are repeatedly challenged by parents, politicians, and school reformers to provide solid evidence that their instruction is both effective and demonstrative. Likewise administrators and teachers want to look honestly and critically at their courses and programs and measure of the learning in educational settings consistently and accurately. Ultimately, it comes to this: Are we doing a good job of educating our students? Measuring Up: Educational Assessment Challenges and Practices for Psychology tackles this issue head-on.

This practical volume digs deep and provides the most up-to-date thinking and concrete practices of experienced scientist-educators. Using the information provided in this volume, educators will be able to demonstrate learning, track and measure student achievement, and gauge quality of instruction.

Additionally Measuring Up: Educational Assessment Challenges and Practices for Psychology will provoke awareness and make psychological outcome measurement more common, thereby promoting quality at all levels of education in psychology.

Table of Contents




I. Overview of Assessment Challenges and Practices

An Introduction to Assessment Challenges and Practices for Psychology
—Dana S. Dunn, Chandra M. Mehrotra, and Jane S. Halonen

  1. Outcomes Assessment 101
    —Diane F. Halpern

II. Models for Departmental Assessment and Evaluation

  1. Seven Goals for Effective Program Assessment
    —Michael L. Stoloff, Kevin J. Apple, Kenneth E. Barron, Monica Reis-Bergan, and Donna Sundre
  2. Learning Outcomes Assessment of the Undergraduate Psychology Major: A Model in Progress
    —Michael Firment, Patrick J. Devine, and Valerie Whittlesey
  3. Designing and Implementing Psychology Program Reviews
    —Thomas P. Pusateri, Retta E. Poe, William E. Addison, and George D. Goedel
  4. The Psychology Chair Portfolio
    —Kenneth A. Weaver

III. Best Practices in Assessment

  1. The CAPS Model: Assessing Psychology Performance Using the Theory of Successful Intelligence
    —Robert J. Sternberg
  2. Course Assessment: Developing and Assessing Assessable Objectives by Using an Integrative Assessment Model
    —Randall E. Osborne and Walter F. Wagor
  3. Developing Scientific Inquiry Skills in Psychology: Using Authentic Assessment Strategies
    —Theodore N. Bosack, Maureen A. McCarthy, Jane S. Halonen, and Shirley P. Clay
  4. Empowering Psychology Students Through Self-Assessment
    —Dana S. Dunn, Rob McEntarffer, and Jane S. Halonen
  5. Using Student Portfolios to Assess Program Learning Outcomes
    —Peter A. Keller, Francis W. Craig, Margaret H. Launius, Brian T. Loher, and Nancy J. Cooledge
  6. Assessing Student Learning Using a Local Comprehensive Exam: Insights From Eastern Illinois University
    —Caridad F. Brito, Anupama Sharma, and Ronan S. Bernas
  7. Assessing Distance-Learning Students and Courses
    —Chandra M. Mehrotra, Kenneth A. Weaver, and Paul Nelson
  8. Service Learning, Resilience, and Community: The Challenges of Authentic Assessment
    —Donna Killian Duffy

IV. Assessing Assessment in Psychology

  1. Liberal Arts, Diverse Lives, and Assessing Psychology
    —Thomas V. McGovern

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