Divorce Wars: Interventions With Families in Conflict

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When parents divorce, children are the biggest losers. This new book will give both mental health and legal professionals the expert information they need to help families navigate this grave ordeal and improve the outcome for hurting children. Elizabeth Ellis provides invaluable, research-based guidance on all stages of divorce cases, beginning with the warning signs of a failing marriage and ending with post-divorce conflict surrounding child custody. Written in an accessible and engaging style, each chapter features a detailed case study that vividly depicts problems common to divorcing families and includes clinical guidelines and decision trees for interventions.

Mental health professionals will appreciate discussions on parental alienation syndrome, parent psychopathology, children's adaptation to chronic parental conflict, the evaluation of sexual abuse allegations, and ethical issues. Attorneys and courtroom experts will value a review of the major studies and important findings in the field and the ease that key studies on many topics can be located. An essential resource book for therapists, forensic evaluators, expert witnesses, or lawyers working with high-conflict families.

Table of Contents



  1. The Legacy of Divorce in the Postmodern Age
  2. The Impact of Parental Conflict on Children's Adjustment Following Divorce
  3. The Road to Divorce
  4. Dividing the Children
  5. Rationale and Goals of the Custody Evaluation
  6. Working out a Visitation Plan and Resolving Problems
  7. Understanding the Stress Responses of Children Caught in Postdivorce Conflict
  8. Parental Alienation Syndrome: A New Challenge for Family Courts
  9. Psychopathology of Parents Locked in Postdivorce Disputes Over Custody and Access Issues
  10. Evaluation of Sexual Abuse Allegations in Child Custody Cases
  11. Ethical Problems and Pitfalls
  12. Where Do We Go From Here?


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After obtaining her PhD from Emory University in 1977, Elizabeth M. Ellis worked for several years as a research director with the University of Georgia. Since 1980, she has been in private practice in a suburb of Atlanta, working with children, adults, and families. She has published over 20 scholarly papers in the fields of psychological trauma, psychotherapy, and forensic assessment.

Her parenting book, Raising a Responsible Child was published in 1995. Dr. Ellis has done assessments in hundreds of child and family forensic cases and testified as an expert witness in 11 counties in Georgia. She lives in Atlanta with her husband; her son, age 13; and her daughter, age 9.