14 Ounces of Prevention: A Casebook for Practitioners

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Copyright: 1988
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This volume identifies well-documented model programs that exemplify promotion, prevention, and emergent intervention alternatives for people suffering from some form of psychological disorder or distress. Some of the most innovative and exciting prevention programs in the country are described in a manner that enables clinically effective replication. This book is as much for the researcher as it is for the practitioner.

Table of Contents



—Richard H. Price, Emory L. Cowen, Raymond P. Lorion, and Julia Ramos-McKay

Section I. Early Childhood Programs

  1. The Prenatal/Early Infancy Project
    —David L. Olds
  2. The Brookline Early Education Project
    —Donald E. Pierson
  3. Early Intervention for High-Risk Children: The Carolina Early Intervention Program
    —Craig T. Ramey, Donna M. Bryant, Frances A. Campbell, Joseph J. Sparling, and Barbara H. Wasik
  4. Primary Prevention of Behavior Problems in Young Children: The Houston Parent–Child Development Center
    —Dale L. Johnson
  5. The High/Scope Perry Preschool Program
    —Lawrence J. Schweinhart and David P. Weikart

Section II. Prevention Programs for Children and Youth

  1. Interpersonal Cognitive Problem Solving
    —Myrna B. Shure and George Spivack
  2. Assertiveness Training With Children
    —Mary Jane Rotheram-Borus
  3. Preventing Adolescent Substance Abuse Through Life Skills Training
    —Gilbert J. Botvin and Stephanie Tortu
  4. The School Transitional Environment Project: An Ecological Intervention and Evaluation
    —Robert D. Felner and Angela M. Adan
  5. The Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency: Diversion From the Juvenile Justice System
    —William S. Davidson II and Robin Redner

Section III. Prevention Programs for Adults and the Elderly

  1. The Perceived Personal Control Preventive Intervention for a Caesarean Birth Population
    —Ciporah S. Tadmor
  2. The Colorado Separation and Divorce Program: A Preventive Intervention Program for Newly Separated Persons
    —Bernard L. Bloom and William F. Hodges
  3. Disease Prevention in Communities: The Stanford Heart Disease Prevention Program
    —Nathan Maccoby and David G. Altman
  4. Widow-to-Widow: A Mutual Help Program for the Widowed
    —Phyllis R. Silverman

Afterword: Model Prevention Programs: Epilogue and Future Prospects
—Richard H. Price, Emory L. Cowen, Raymond P. Lorion, and Julia Ramos-McKay