Nominations to the Committee on Women in Psychology

Each fall, the American Psychological Association's Committee on Women in Psychology (CWP) seeks annual nominations for new members to begin terms every January. The committee functions as a catalyst by interacting with and making recommendations to the various parts of the APA governing structure and the APA membership, as well as other relevant groups. The call for nominations to the 2014-2016 committee is currently closed.

Strategic Goals of the Committee

The committee's current strategic goals include promoting the health and well-being of all women, nationally and internationally; identifying and eliminating discriminatory and exploitive practices against all women, nationally and internationally; promoting the unique contributions of women to psychology; enhancing women's leadership within and outside of APA; monitoring activities of groups within the APA to assess the impact on women; collaborating with others as needed to achieve the empowerment of underrepresented groups; and advocating for public policy that enhances the lives of women, nationally and internationally. As part of its monitoring function, CWP devotes a full day during each of their two committee meetings each year to discussion of cross-cutting items submitted by other groups.

Candidate Qualifications

The committee is interested in persons with demonstrated interest and experience in women's issues to serve 3-year terms from January through December. For the upcoming term, CWP sought a member with a strong record as a feminist scholar and to fulfill the committee's commitment to full diversity in representation, and at least one of the slates was filled by a person of color. Expertise in health disparities is always preferred. Letters of nomination should clearly describe a candidate's specific qualifications relative to these criteria. Women at all career stages are invited to apply. Nominees to CWP must also be full members of APA.

Requirements of the Position

CWP members are required to attend two committee meetings each year in Washington, D.C. (Thursday night to Sunday afternoon) with expenses reimbursed by APA. Candidates should ensure they can attend all committee meetings. 

Committee members also work on CWP priorities between meetings and will be expected to participate in regular committee conference calls. Because CWP sponsors a number of important events at the APA convention (e.g., the annual CWP Network meeting, presentation of the CWP Leadership Awards), CWP members are strongly encouraged to attend committee-sponsored APA convention events if possible, though expenses cannot be reimbursed.