SESRCD’s Professional Development Training Resource (PDTR) Workshop

Titled, Reducing Cancer Disparities and Promoting Health Equity among Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Populations, the full-day free SESRCD workshop provides participants with the information, tools and strategies required to act on, and advocate for, the initiation and/or improvement of cancer prevention and control efforts targeting socioeconomically disadvantaged populations. Conducted at locations around the nation by a knowledgeable and enthusiastic facilitator, the interactive workshops are held in collaboration with state health departments, state cancer coalitions and local stakeholders.

The Workshop is Designed to Allow Participants to:

  • Increase their awareness of social, economic and environmental conditions underlying cancer disparities. 

  • Evaluate the relevance of national, state, and local goals and guidelines in providing cancer services to socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.

  • Review evidence-based strategies that address socioeconomic status-related cancer disparities

  • Consider the psychosocial health needs of cancer-affected individuals in socioeconomically disadvantaged populations.

  • Develop concrete action plans to reduce cancer health disparities among socioeconomically disadvantaged populations in their communities.

  • Become familiar with SESRCD capacity building services, including, receiving expert guidance from BSSVs, participate in the SESRCD online community, and receive support through mini grant funding.

Workshop Participants

The PDTR workshop curriculum is geared specifically toward cancer-serving professionals working as community partners or for community-based organizations, both non-profit and institutional, that provide direct services and programs to underserved populations impacted by cancer. These individuals have a number of official titles, but examples include:

  • Community outreach workers

  • Patient navigators

  • Oncology nurses

  • Community advocates

  • Community health representatives

  • Health educators  

Past Successes

In 2011, in collaboration with local and state cancer stakeholders, SESRCD successfully conducted workshops in the following nine (9) U.S. locations:, Springfield, IL; Raleigh, NC; Boston, MA; Baltimore, MD; Atlanta, GA; Columbus, OH; Milwaukee, WI; and Minneapolis, MN. As a result of participating in these workshops, more than 25 community-based organizations received SESRCD mini-grant funding up to $5,000 as part of the program’s capacity building resources.

In 2010, with the help of local and state cancer coalition officials, SESRCD successfully conducted workshops in the following five (5) U.S. locations: Dallas, TX; Chicago, IL; San Diego, CA; Long Island, New York; and Philadelphia, PA).  Additionally, as a result of participating in these workshops, ten community-based organizations received SESRCD mini-grant funding up to $5,000 as part of our program’s capacity building services.

If you would like to host a PDTR workshop in your community, please contact the SESRCD staff.