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Ethnicity and Health in America Series

  • Ethnicity and Health Resources
    OEMA examines the impact of a chronic condition on the health of ethnic populations during Black History Month in February, Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month in May, National Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month in September, and National American Indian/Alaska Native Heritage Month in November). Includes HIV/AIDS and substance abuse resources, as well as additional articles.

Publications with Ethnic Minority Content

PDF and HTML versions of these documents are free to download, but there is a charge for some print documents. To order print copies, please contact OEMA.

Annual Reports
  • Annual Report of the Committee on Ethnic Minority Affairs (CEMA). (free)  
    Provides a summary of major CEMA efforts during the past year.
  • CEMA Issues of Concerns 
    A semi-annual report that includes the minutes of the most recent meeting of CEMA and various position statements. (free)
  • Communiqué News Journal (free) 
    The semi-annual news journal of APA's Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs (OEMA). Provides a great overview of current issues and events of interest to psychologists of color. 
  • Biosketch and Survey for Ethnic Minority Directory and Job Bank (free) 
    Information provided on this 3-page form is entered into OEMA's database and used to 
    a) generate the Directory of Ethnic Minority Professionals in Psychology, 
    b) OEMA Job Bank referrals, and 
    c) the mailing list for OEMA's semi-annual Communiqué News Journal
  • Directory of Ethnic Minority Professionals in Psychology 
    The directory is an excellent resource for persons interested in reviewing statistical and demographic information on APA's members of color, recruiting psychologists of color, identifying knowledgeable experts on ethnic minority psychological research and/or services, and targeted marketing efforts to psychologists of color. The directory has been requested and used widely by federal government agencies, colleges and universities, mental health and healthcare organizations, and private industries and companies. The directory may be purchased through the APA Order Department at (202) 336-5510. (APA members price: $19.95)
  • Directory of Selected Scholarship, Fellowship and Other Financial Aid Opportunities for Women and Ethnic Minorities in Psychology and Related Fields (free) 
    A searchable database providing a compilation of resources available to women and minorities seeking financial assistance.


For High Schools
For Undergraduates
Training in Psychology
Recruitment and Retention
  • APA/NIGMS Project Report (9/96-12/97)
    APA\NIGMS project on "Developing minority biomedical research talent in psychology: A collaborative and systemic approach" (Grant # 1-T36-GM-08640-01). Describes the first-year's activity of this innovative project which involves 15 post secondary institutions (i.e., community colleges, predominately minority 4-year colleges and major research institutions) organized into five Regional Centers of Excellence in the Recruitment, Retention and Training of Ethnic Minority Students in Psychology. (free)
  • Diversity Needs of Academic Setting (DiNAS) Manual 
    This experimental instrument enables postsecondary institutions to identify existing strengths for and barriers to diversity and effective ethnic minority recruitment, retention and training. The manual includes six surveys targeted towards various campus constituencies and requesting statistical, objective and attitudinal data. April 1997. Developed by Diane Adams, PhD, and Victor De La Cancela, PhD, for the APA/NIGMS Project on "Expanding the pipeline." (print version: $5.00)
  • Model Strategies for Ethnic Minority Recruitment and Retention in Higher Education (PDF, 196KB) (free)  
    This special section consists of all model strategies previously published in the Communiqué from 1995 - 1999. It also consists of the strategies of those three psychology departments that were the awardees of the inaugural 1999 APA Suinn Minority Achievement Award. 
  • PEMSI Survey Pamplet (PDF, 373KB) (free)
    Report of efforts to recruit Ethnic Minority students of color.
  • Visions and Transformation: The Final Report of the APA Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment and Retention in Psychology (sold out)  
    In this report of its findings and efforts, the APA Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention and Training, identifies critical components of individual and institutional behaviors that hinder and promote increased participation of ethnic minorities in psychology. The report contains the APA/CEMRRAT Plan of Action to guide APA's efforts in this area. The document is available online only.

Language Diversity

  • Guidelines for Providers of Psychological Services to Ethnic, Linguistic and Culturally Diverse Populations (free) 
    The guidelines consist of general principles to help psychologists in their work with ethnic, linguistic and culturally diverse populations. Approved by council in August 1990. These guidelines are also offered in Portuguese and Spanish.
  • The English-Only Movement: Myths, Reality and Implications for Psychology 
    This American Psychologist®reprint is an excellent review of literature on this topic. Also included is the APA Resolution on the English-Only Movement prepared by a panel of experts on English-only legislation. (AP, Feb 1991, Vol. 46, No. 2, 120-130). (free)

For Researchers

  • Guidelines for Research in Ethnic Minority Communities. (PDF, 200KB) (print version: $5.00)  
    Developed by the national ethnic minority psychological associations, this booklet identifies unique challenges of conducting research in ethnic minority communities. The first copy is free to APA Members.

For Practitioners


  • Job Bank Request Form (free) 
    The Job Bank Request Form enables employers and businesses to identify a variety of characteristics of desired job candidates or markets, which are used in conducting tailored searches of OEMA's database of information on over 2600 psychologists of color. A fee will be charged for all database searches. If you wish to request mailing labels from an OEMA database search, please contact OEMA for the Job Bank Request Form.