Commission on Ethnic Minority Recruitment, Retention and Training in Psychology Task Force (CEMRRAT2)

Charge and Mission Statement

The CEMRRAT2 Task Force charge is to foster the association-wide implementation of the CEMRRAT plan. This five-year plan is grounded in the nation’s changing demographics and the current significant underrepresentation of ethnic minorities in psychology. It sets forth specific objectives and actions for encouraging all psychologists to attain some minimal level of multicultural competence in their training, research and practice activities, and for dramatically increasing the number of people of color who are psychology students, faculty and professionals.

To that end, the CEMRRAT2 Task Force will help guide APA’s efforts in the area of ethnic minority recruitment, retention and training in psychology to:

  • Promote and improve multicultural education and training in psychology.

  • Increase ethnic minority faculty recruitment and retention in psychology.

  • Increase ethnic minority student recruitment, retention and graduation in psychology.

  • Provide national leadership for diversity and multiculturalism in education, science and human services.

  • Promote data collection, research and evaluation on ethnic minority recruitment, retention and graduation, and education and training.

For more information, please refer to the history and background (PDF, 428KB) document.

Staff Liaisons


  • 2015 chair: Beth Boyd, PhD
    University of South Dakota

  • Guillermo Bernal, PhD
    University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras Campus

  • Gordon C. Nagayama Hall, PhD
    University of Oregon

  • Cathy McDaniels Wilson, PhD
    Capital University, in Bexley, Ohio

Additional Information