Job Bank Service


The American Psychological Association's Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs (OEMA) has implemented a Job Bank to assist employers seeking to hire ethnic minority psychologists. OEMA's Job Bank is a computerized database with entries on over 3,000 ethnic minority psychologists. Information can be generated from such data variables as major field of study, professional specialty, geographic location, type of employment setting, ethnicity, etc. The Job Bank also is used as a tool in research and targeted marketing strategies. Persons wishing to request a search of the OEMA Job Bank and mailing labels must comply with the following "Service Criteria" and complete the attached "OEMA Job Bank Search Request and Specifications" form. Fees will be charged as noted.

Service Criteria

  1. A search of the OEMA Job Bank must be requested in writing. The request should be accompanied by a cover letter that describes the organization or group that is requesting the labels and the specific purpose for the labels.

    a.  The requesting party must submit a copy of the proposed mailing (or provide a draft and a detailed description of the mailing if a sample copy is unavailable at the time of the request).

    b.  If the intended use of OEMA Job Bank labels is employment recruitment, then the position MUST havebeen advertised in the APA Monitor. Please forward verification of advertisement to OEMA with all other materials.

  2. Labels are provided for a one-time use only and are to be used exclusively for the purpose specified in the request. The requesting party must contact candidates directly for possible recruitment.

  3. The Association does not sell, or otherwise make available, membership address lists or mailing labels on computer tape or diskettes to any organization or individual. Mailing lists are sold only in computer printed mailing label format.

  4. The Association reserves the right to review all information to be mailed to its members, affiliates or nonmember subscribers to its journals, and to reject orders that do not meet the standards of the Association.