Psychology and Ethnic-Minority Institutions

Psychology and Ethnic Minority Serving Institutions Initiative (PEMSI)

The APA Office of Ethnic Minority Affairs announced its Psychology and Ethnic Minority Serving Institutions (PEMSI) Initiative in May 2000. This initiative seeks to promote greater interest in, visibility of, and concern about psychology in ethnic minority serving institutions.

Ethnic Minority Serving institutions, which include Historically (and predominantly) Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs), Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs), and Tribal Colleges and Universities (TSUs), are major (although frequently overlooked) components of the educational pipeline for ethnic minorities interested in pursuing careers in psychology. For example, over 40% of all the nation’s Latino/Hispanic students engaged in postsecondary education attend HSIs, and over 18% of American Indian students attend Tribal Colleges.

Significant improvement in the ethnic minority pipeline in psychology requires that efforts be made to strengthen not only the departments/programs of psychology at ethnic minority serving institutions, but  so their relationships with the broader community of psychology. The PEMSI Initiative currently includes information/education materials and a health disparities research and training grants program.

Further development of the framework for this initiative will require your input. In particular, OEMA is interested in your opinion (by phone or e-mail) on the following: 

  • How might APA promote increased stature and strengthening of psychology in this educational sector? 

  • What are some issues or needs around which APA might increasingly enter into partnerships with this educational sector? 

  • How might APA best recognize the important contribution these institutions make to the ethnic minority pipeline in psychology?

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Alberto Figueroa-Garcia, MBA
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