Advisory Committees

  • MFP MHSAS Training Advisory Committee
    This committee reads and evaluates applications of hundreds of candidates for our various programs, tracks the progress of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Fellows, offers student advisement, shapes the policies of the Fellowship, and serve as role models and mentors to the Fellows.

  • Recovery Advisory Committee
    This diverse committee provides valuable recommendations, information, and strategic oversight with regard to data collection and analysis, curriculum development, marketing, dissemination, and education throughout all phases of the Recovery to Practice project, and serves as a steering committee for the project.

  • Committee for Assessment and Training in Recovery
    The Committee for Assessment and Training in Recovery (CATR) serves in an advisory and facilitative capacity for the Recovery to Practice project. Members of the CATR will assist with collecting and assessing related information; reviewing documents produced for the project; and developing, testing, marketing, and disseminating training materials for psychologists.