About our Mentoring Program

What Our Program Offers

The Disability Issues Office's Mentoring Program supports psychology students with disabilities, disabled psychologists entering the field, and newly disabled psychologists in their educational and professional pursuits by providing them with a mentor. Mentors are APA-member psychologists with disabilities. Through our mentoring program, psychologists with disabilities will have the opportunity to impart their wisdom and experiences gained over the years to students and less experienced colleagues with disabilities. There are important terms and conditions of participation in this program which are spelled out in the application.

What is Mentoring

Mentoring is the process by which a more experienced person imparts advice, support, insight, and knowledge to a less experienced person. A mentor provides guidance in the form of teaching and support and helps the mentee achieve his or her goals; encourages and motivates the mentee, assists the mentee with career and professional development; serves as a sounding board; and links the mentee to others who can enhance the mentee's growth and development.

Some Benefits of Mentoring

One strategy shown to increase the success of underrepresented groups in graduate and professional schools and entering professions is a mentoring program. In various studies across fields, mentoring has consistently been linked with academic and professional development. Mentees attain an increased understanding of a discipline, receive guidance and advice, gain higher confidence levels, and acquire access to networks and other resources.