HIV Specialist Special Issue on HIV and Mental Health

The Committee on Psychology and AIDS (COPA) collaborated with the American Academy of HIV Medicine in publishing a special issue of the HIV SpecialistHIV Specialist which highlights psychological and mental health issues confronting people with HIV/AIDS, culminating a year of work. This effort was a landmark for the Office on AIDS and COPA, and a major step forward in forming collaborative relationships with our partners in healthcare. It can be accessed online.

The special issue is important in the context of HIV/AIDS care because it represents an effort to inform (primarily) non-psychologist healthcare providers of the important roles that psychology can and should play in the management of HIV disease, as well as in education and prevention. It also illustrates implicitly how psychology can be useful in the context of healthcare in general, highlighting psychology's role in the provision of integrated care. Many of the issues confronting people with HIV/AIDS mirror those of individuals facing other health challenges, and psychology can and should play a vital role in their management as well.