Resources Overview

This section of the Briefcase is a compilation of web-based materials, tools, and organizations that psychologists may find useful in their work with family caregivers. While in some cases the resource may help inform the psychologist’s work with family caregivers, sometimes the psychologist may want to pass on the link or the information directly to the caregiver to help them with specific problems or provide them with an organized framework for the myriad of online caregiving resources.

As research and practice with family caregivers has grown over the past decade, so, too, have the number and breadth of available resources. There is now a wealth of materials about caregiving available on the Web and elsewhere. What follows is not an exhaustive listing but an organized, easy-to-use guide of key resources, including those pertinent for working with all family caregivers across the lifespan, as well as those targeted to specific groups of family caregivers. These specific groups include young caregivers, those caring for children, adults, older adults, service members and Veterans, individuals with disabilities, mental disorders, and addictive disorders. Some of the specific resources for psychologists and other professionals that are listed in this section include training videos, reports on best practices and educational handouts for family caregivers.

In the Resources Section

Key Websites

National organizations that provide information for caregivers.

State and National Resource Locators and Tools to Coordinate Caregiver Support

List of state and national locator web resources and tools to coordinate care.

Resources for Caregivers of Diverse Populations and Specific Age Groups

Resources for caregivers of children, adults, the elderly, the disabled, veterans, the mentally disabled, addicts, multicultural caregivers, young caregivers and more.

Resources for Specific Health Issues

List of web resources for specific health issues, such as cancer, stroke, Alzheimer's and neurological diseases.

Resources for Psychologists

Reports, videos, handouts, magazine articles and websites providing information on treating and studying caregivers, including training and cultural competency.

Resources for Educators

Recommended books, articles, movies and online resources for educators incorporating family caregiving, autism, dementia and Alzheimer's disease into their academic courses or training.

Advocacy Resources

A listing of caregiving coalitions of which APA is a member, and advocacy resources from other national organizations.