Press Releases

Mental Illness Not Usually Linked to Crime, Research Finds

Most offenders didn’t display pattern of crime related to mental illness symptoms over their lifetime, according to study
April 21, 2014

Teachers' Scare Tactics May Lead to Lower Exam Scores

Students not threatened by bad consequences of failing perform better on tests
April 21, 2014

Leaders in Psychology and Law Address Family, Community Violence

American Psychological Association and American Bar Association discuss solutions for violence in homes, schools, communities
April 17, 2014

To be an Organ Donor, Specific Attitudes Trump General Support, Study Finds

Precise attitudes rather than general support predict action on good cause, according to research
April 11, 2014

Children See Domestic Violence that Often Goes Unreported, Research Finds

Young witnesses suffer fear, anxiety while perpetrators rarely face jail time, according to study
April 7, 2014

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