APA Spring Consolidated Meeting

APA's Council of Representatives is comprised of the Board of Directors and representatives from APA's divisions and state, provincial and territorial associations.
March 27-29, 2015

Approaches to Ethics in Psychology

A three-part online learning series that offers mental health practitioners guidance on ethical decision-making and clinical and forensic challenges in professional practice.
April 1, 2015

Rocky Mountain Psychological Association Annual Meeting

The annual meeting features a teaching preconference, invited addresses, symposia, workshops, posters and opportunities for networking.
April 9-11, 2015

Recent Press Releases

How Much Math, Science Homework is Too Much?

More than 70 minutes is too much for adolescents, researchers find
March 23, 2015

APA in the News

How long your teen needs to spend on homework to be better in math and science

About an hour a day is the optimum amount of time for focused work on technical topics
March 24, 2015,

The real bullies in school

As schools tighten up on threatening or demeaning language in the classroom, coaches on the playing field get a free pass
March 17, 2015, The Atlantic

The psychological benefits of 'kondoing' your house

Decluttering living space can cleanse the home and reduce stress
March 12, 2015, The Huffington Post