APA Workshop: Graduate School Interviews and Deciding Which Program is Right for Me

Large auditorium with ceiling lights and widescreen

February 25, 2014

Washington, D.C.

Interviews are one of the final stages of getting into graduate school, and can heavily influence whether or not you get an offer.  But interviews are also an important opportunity for you to learn more about the program, and whether or not you should plan to accept an offer. In this third workshop, we offer information on what happens during interviews, how to prepare for them and what to consider when you do (or do not) get accepted. 

By attending, you will learn answers to these questions:
  • What are graduate schools looking for when they interview me, and how do I best prepare?
  • What should I be looking for during an interview to help me decide if a program is right for me? 
  • How do I pick from my options? What if I got into only one program? What if I did not get in this year?
Free and open to all undergraduates and future graduate students. 
Space is limited; sign-up now.
APA Building
750 First St NE 
Washington, DC 20009
6-8 p.m.
To RSVP for this event, email Jessica Andrade in the APAGS office with (a) your name, (b) any guest’s name, (c) your email address, (d) your current or former school and (e) your year of college graduation.
For additional information about this workshop, please email Jessica Andrade or call (202) 336-6014.