May 2013 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 44 No. 5

In the May 2013 Monitor: convention, apa president, state leadership conference, the brain, homeless veterans, zoo animals, fear or mental illness, grants and more.

Aloha: APA's Convention in Hawai'i

  • New research and new ideas

    A strong lineup of speakers will focus on emerging trends at APA's 2013 Annual Convention in Honolulu, July 31–Aug. 4.

  • Progesterone's promise

    Donald Stein, PhD, to speak about progesterone as treatment for brain injuries.

  • Mistaken identity

    APA 2013 Annual Convention keynote speaker Barry Scheck will speak on how The Innocence Project is using psychologists' research to help prevent wrongful convictions.

Psychologists are using research-tested ways to enrich the lives of animals in zoos and laboratories.


Captive audience

Psychologists are using research-tested ways to enrich the lives of animals in zoos and laboratories.

Dr. Jon Nachison


A hand up, not a handout

Through his Stand Down program, psychologist Jon Nachison gives homeless veterans a safe haven — and the confidence to get back on their feet.



New hope for the damaged brain

Cognitive psychologist Elissa Newport is heading a new center at Georgetown University that promises to bring the best science to bear on the delicate task of stroke recovery.

Dr. David Krech saw the immense potential of drugs to improve brain functioning, but also the enormous social and ethical problems of such treatments. (credit: The Center for the History of Psychology at Akron)


Building a ‘better' brain

As early as the 1950s, psychologist David Krech foresaw the power and the peril of cognitive enhancement — prescient concerns that live on today.

The military opens up


The military opens up

The first openly gay psychology resident in the U.S. Air Force talks about finally getting his dream job.

2013 Candidates for APA president

APA members have nominated five psychologists to run for the association's presidency.

Random Sample


Barry Lubetkin, PhD

Meet a psychologist, author and "psychollectibles" collector.

Countdown to health-care reform


Countdown to health-care reform

Leaders at the State Leadership Conference explored how psychologists can get involved as implementation of the Affordable Care Act kicks into high gear.

Treating mind and body

Health-care reform is integrating physical and behavioral health care.

The future of Medicaid

With Medicaid rolls soon to increase, psychologists are working to ensure consumers have access to psychological services.

The digital patient

Speakers shared tips on how to navigate privacy, confidentiality and security in electronic record-keeping.

Good for workers, good for business

The annual Psychologically Healthy Workplace Awards celebrate employers who make employee well-being a priority.