The percentage of primary-care visits that include discussions of stress reduction, according to an article in the November Archives of Internal Medicine. That's less often than counseling on nutrition, physical activity and weight, which the researchers found occur 17 percent, 12 percent and 6 percent of the time, respectively.


Number of countries that formed a global alliance to fight child sexual abuse by identifying and helping victims, prosecuting offenders and reducing the availability of child pornography online, according to a joint declaration at the December conference in Brussels for the Global Alliance Against Child Abuse Online.

5 to 7 hours

How many more hours most telecommuters work per week than employees who work exclusively in the office, according to a June 2012 study in Monthly Labor Review.

2 times

How much higher the mortality rate is for light smokers — those who average one cigarette per day — than non-smokers, according to an October study in The Lancet.