October 2012 | Monitor on Psychology

Vol. 43 No. 9
Monitor on Psychology October 2012

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Catching autism earlier

  • Catching autism earlier

    A flood of new research is advancing our understanding of autism and highlighting the need for earlier interventions

Overcoming temptation


Overcoming temptation

A twist on Pavlov’s famous conditioning experiment could point the way to new treatments for drug addiction and overeating.

Throughout her career, Dr. Jennifer Kelly says, her advocacy skills — which she often applies to helping underserved clients gain better access to care — have been key to her success (credit: Scott Jolliff)


Grassroots go-getter

Jennifer Kelly has a knack for communicating with politicians — a talent that is benefiting psychologists and those they serve.



The ghost in the lab

In a new book, developmental psychologist Jerome Kagan offers his take on the biggest challenges facing psychological research — and outlines a few “modest suggestions” to address them.

Voted “handsomest professor” in 1919 at Johns Hopkins, John B. Watson


Notes on a scandal

How a racy rumor about the father of behaviorism made its way into 200 psychology textbooks.

APA’s Council of Representatives held its biannual meeting at APA’s 2012 Annual Convention, Aug. 2–5 in Orlando, Fla.


APA’s council takes action on pressing issues

Earmarks $3 million to increase the number of accredited internship slots and adopts a resolution on psychotherapy effectiveness.

Preparing for the ‘silver tsunami'

APA’s input shaped behavioral health recommendations for the national plan for Alzheimer’s disease.

Psychologists helping psychologists

Determining your responsibilities when you believe a colleague may have behaved unethically.

Bringing books to life

Psychologists' research points to new ways to nurture young readers.

Parenting that works

Seven research-backed ways to improve parenting.

Innovative education

APA recognizes the counseling psychology program at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, for its Science-Practitioner-Advocate model.

A view from Capitol Hill

APA congressional fellows shape — and are shaped by — the policymaking process.

APA members to vote on bylaws amendments

Proposed changes involve Council seats for ethnic-minority psychology associations, presidential candidates and the composition of the Board of Education Affairs.

Better school-based care

APF Pearson Early Career grantee Aaron Lyon is working to bring more evidence-based mental health interventions to school children.

Psychologists are helping young couples stay afloat financially in increasingly turbulent economic waters


Money matters

Psychologists are helping young couples stay afloat financially in increasingly turbulent economic waters.