January 2012 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 43 No. 1

Monitor January 2012

Beyond one-on-one psychotherapy

  • Beyond psychotherapy

    To meet the vast unmet demand for services, psychologists are seeking alternatives to traditional one-on-one therapy.

Former APA President Patrick H. DeLeon retires.


A trailblazer moves on

After decades of service to both Sen. Daniel Inouye and psychology, former APA President Patrick H. DeLeon retires.

In his research, Dr. Roy F. Baumeister has found that people exhibit less self-control after they make decisions. (Credit: FSU/Ray Stanyard)


The power of self-control

In his latest research Roy F. Baumeister has discovered surprising ways to improve willpower, including sipping lemonade.

Thomas Eakins’s “Cowboys in the Badlands” was influenced by his West Cure out West.


Go rest, young man

In the late 1800s, anxious and tired male intellectuals (including Theodore Roosevelt) were sent West to rough ride, rope steer and bond with other men.

Listening to podcast


Psychology's growing library of podcasts

Psychology continues to expand its reach with podcasts that showcase the academic, the scientific and the clinical sides of the field.

Standing up for psychology

Suzanne Bennett Johnson has built a career out of demonstrating psychology’s value to medical and scientific communities. As APA’s 2012 president, she is taking that message to the masses.

Science can solve social problems

Attendees at APA’s Science Leadership Conference advocated for substance abuse research and protecting the peer-review process.

Yes, recovery is possible

APA is participating in a new federally funded initiative designed to spread the word that people can — and do — recover from mental illnesses.

Inequity to equity

APA hosted its first conference on empowering women with disabilities.

Making e-learning work

Boost your students’ success with these tips for teaching online.

New standards for high school psychology

A revision introduces overarching themes for psychology classes and expands the recommended content.

Plan now for psychology's regional meetings

Beginning in February, psychology’s regional associations will offer cutting-edge programming and a chance to meet new colleagues at their annual meetings. Here are highlights, dates and locations for each meeting. The meetings are listed in chronological order.

At the boundaries of cognition

The new editor of the Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition plans to give authors more flexibility in how they structure their articles.

A global lens to support students

Shane Jimerson wants to increase international, policy and early-career submissions to School Psychology Quarterly.

A three-way dialogue

Psychology, Public Policy, and Law incoming editor Michael E. Lamb wants to promote greater communication among psychologists, policymakers and legal scholars.

Developmentally peaking

Armed with $25,000 APF grants, six young scholars are strengthening child development research in such areas as autism and language learning.

Businessman falling


Help for unemployed Americans

With a staggering number of people out of work, APA brings research on the psychological effects of unemployment to Capitol Hill.

On Your Behalf


On Your Behalf

What APA is doing for you

Oksana Yakushko, PhD