April 2011 | Monitor on Psychology | Vol. 42 No. 4

April 2011 Monitor cover

Good news about middle age

  • The mind at midlife

    Longstanding beliefs say the adult brain is best in its youth, but research now suggests otherwise. The middle-aged mind preserves many of its youthful skills and even develops some new strengths.



Positive psychology advances, with growing pains

Applications of positive psychology are moving ahead fast and furiously, but some question whether the interventions are outpacing the science.



Bringing communities together

Psychologist Tom Wolff helps disparate groups work together — and makes sure everyone’s voices are heard.

Dr. Rodney Hammond (Credit: David Snyder/CDC Foundation)


The intersection of psychology and public health

At the CDC, Rodney Hammond worked to improve health for entire populations. As he retires, he predicts that the United States will need even more behavioral expertise to address burgeoning public health problems.



A batman to the rescue

A biopsychologist and bat expert worked to arm bats with miniature bombs in World War II.

Upset student


The internship match crisis continues

A surge in applications leaves a record number of students unmatched.

Obama recognizes two psychologists

APA Fellows are honored for mentoring excellence in science education.

Understanding orgasm

Scientists are uncovering evolutionary roots and modern function of the female orgasm —and its fake counterpart.

Catching reading problems early

Researchers are making strides toward early diagnosis and treatment of reading disabilities.

Better teaching for teachers

APA is collaborating with deans of schools of education to explore the ways psychological science can enhance teacher training.

Frontlines of care

Meet four psychologists who are improving the lives of service members, veterans and families.

When tribal law conflicts with federal law

New legislation seeks to untangle a web of laws and cultural traditions that are thwarting American Indians’ health and safety. But are these efforts enough?

Bridging the multicultural gap

To improve practice with multicultural people, science needs a broader array of research methods.

Council lowers APA dues

Other action includes establishing guidelines on dementia and child evaluations.

A new approach to community violence

APF Drs. Raymond A. and Rosalee G. Weiss Research and Program Innovation Fund grantee Joanna C.M. Cole is helping Boston youth shield themselves from abuse and crime.

White House


On Your Behalf

What APA is doing for you

Steven E. Sultan, PhD (Courtesy LA Sheriff’s Dept.)