Benefits of APA Membership

APA Member Discounts Program

The APA Member Discounts Program, operated by the American Psychological Association Practice Organization, offers all APA members and affiliates discounts on brand-name products and services you need and use every day.

APA Corporate Partnership Program

The APA Corporate Partnership Program, also operated by the American Psychological Association Practice Organization, provides funding from corporate sponsors that is vital to mission-related advocacy and other projects of APA and APAPO.

Other APA Benefits & Services

  • A voice in the future of the discipline.
  • APA's and APAPO's (for those who join the Practice Organization) extensive and highly effective advocacy in support of psychological research and practice.
  • Representation before Congress, state legislatures, federal agencies and  major social and educational institutions.
  • Special low APA Annual Convention registration rates.
  • Opportunity for membership in APA divisions.
  • The American Psychologist — APA's flagship journal.
  • APA Monitor on Psychology — APA's monthly magazine.
  • Mobile apps for the Monitor on Psychology, gradPSYCH and other APA publications and products.
  • Journal credit (can be applied to a subscription to the electronic database, APA PsycNET). 
  • APA journals and online databases at substantial discounts on non-member rates.
  • Discounts on APA books and videos.
  • High-quality information resources.
  • Free online access to print subscriptions' full-text files.
  • Membership certificates and plaques.
  • Programs that educate the public and the media on the benefit of psychology.
  • And much more!